Attention All Spammers: A Note On Spam

I noted earlier [1] that I was going to start examining the spam I received and post ip addresses of the people who spam my site, and since then I have been examining the spam I receive, as promised. What I would like to do is to categorize the spam I receive into what sort of products and services are being offered by spammers so that readers may see the sort of spam that people think would be appropriate to market on my blog site. Here goes.

[Comments after looking at spam:  After looking at this spam, I realized a lot of it seemed to come from the same people, though I’m not sure who these people are or why they thought spamming my website would be a good plan.  I hope someone can give them a taste of their own medicine.]

Facebook Tubes:

I don’t even know what Facebook tubes are, but these addresses are spamming me about it:,,,

Electronic Cigarettes:

A lot of people spam me about electronic cigarettes. I’m not a smoker, and I’m not particularly fond of the habit (my paternal grandfather died from the habit), but I’m not fond of being spammed about electronic cigarettes either. Here are the e-cig spammers, almost all of whom spammed me multiple times:,,,,,,,,,

Colon Cleanse:

Many of the spammers responsible for spamming me about e-cigs (and other products) also spammed me about natural colon cleansing:,,,,,,,,,

How To Pick Up Girls:

I will own up that picking up girls is not easy for me to do, but one person at least seemed very insistent that I learn how to do it better, and others apparently agreed:,

Reisin Mallorca:

Again, I’m not really sure what this is, but I got spam about it:

Wedding Stickers:

Someone apparently thought I needed to promote his or her wedding stickers site:

Game Consoles:

Some of my other spammers also promoted a competition between the Xbox360 and the PS3. For the record, I’m a Sony fanboy of sorts, but not an obnoxious one:,

PS3 Repairs:

Naturally, since I like the PS3, a few people (especially some fellow named Rob Sheffield in Australia) wanted to advertise their repair services:,,,

Employee Scheduling Software:

I guess someone thinks I need to promote employee scheduling software. I don’t really see the need for that:

Parental Software:

Several people wanted me to sell parental control software, which seems rather sketchy to be promoting via spam messages:,

Jesus Christ News:

One “holy” spammer put my article link in an odd collection of unrelated religious news. It’s a rare thing to be spammed for Christ, I suppose:


One very thorough spammer apparently wishes to promote BMW. I admire his or her persistince and thoroughness, but I won’t be promoting Bimmers on my blog unless BMW pays me to:


I had to look up what this was all about, since I’m not very savvy about drug usage. Quite a few spammers seemed to assume (correctly) that I am an insomniac, but I’m not interested in getting drugged up for a good night’s sleep, so you’ll have to try elsewhere:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Dieting Pills/How To Lose Weight:

I am not interested in losing any(more) weight. I have lost just about all I care to at this point, and I do not wish to shill dangerous weight loss pills:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Pomegranate Juice/Maleextra:

I even got spammed about pomegranate juice and its byproducts:,,,


I got spammed about erectile dysfunction drugs. Trust me, it’s not a problem:


I was not surprised in the least to receive spam about naked pictures. Honestly, I expected more of this than I got, but I’m still not interested in it:


I got spammed several times to advertise someone’s aluminum rims on a foreign site I couldn’t read:,,,,

Kids’ Math Games:

I got spam about kids math games. Not sure why:

Liquid Multi-Vitamins:

I got spam about liquid multi-vitamins. Doesn’t everyone just drop by their friendly neighborhood GNC for stuff like that anyway:

Affordable Web Design:

A few people apparently thought I needed to shill their web design services, or to become a customer of theirs to spruce up my dull site. I’ve got plenty of friends who do that already, so I won’t be advertising for anyone else:,,,,

Long Island Limo:

At least a couple people thought I needed to advertise their Long Island Limo service. Not interested:,

Acne Products:

I’m not sure why, but some people wanted me to advertise their acne products:


Cityville is one of those annoying games on Facebook, and apparently they, and people who write guides about the game, are crazy about spamming too. I’ll have to remember to block that game on my Facebook page:,,,,


It is a little known fact (at least until someone reads this blog entry), that I suffer from tinnitus myself, but I’m still not interested in hawking drugs for it:

Internet Marketing:

No, I’m not going to help spammers in internet marketing:,,,,,

Italian Language Internet Marketing:

Attenzione spammers, while I am indeed flattered that so many Italian-language spammers advertising something about Pozicioniranje would find my site, I’m not interested at all:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Antipsychotic Drugs:

This sort of product gets marketed easily enough by doctors, it has no place as a spam advertisement on my blog (in German, no less):


Apparently some webcam manufacturers/sellers thought it would be nice to market on my site. How thoughtful:,,


Someone apparently thought I might post a spam link to sell steroids. Obviously they don’t know much about me:

Legal Music Downloads:

A lot of “legal” music download sites apparently love to spam:,,,,,,,,

Sports news:

With yahoo and sporting news and many other excellent news outlets, why spam news sites about sports? Any fool with a keyboard and half a brain (like myself) can post online about sports and pontificate to their hearts content already:,,,,,,

Baby Clothes/Gifts:

I get easily irritated about being spammed about this sort of thing:,,,,,

Contracting Spam:

Some people thought I needed to spam their contracting firms for lighting and air conditioning work:,

Polish Spam:

I got a lot of spam from Polish websites. One of them was even connected with the site, which was run by some discontented former ministers. I’m not really sure why:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Finnish Money Spam:

I got a few spam messages as well from a Finnish website that deals with money transfering sites, apparently (I don’t read Finnish well):,,,,,,,


I got a lot of spam from one ip address about ringtones as well:

Mac Spam:

The ringstone spammer also sent me spam on iphones and macbooks, as did others:,

Ezine Articles:

An ezine article about utilizing wireless networks ended up being involved in a lot of spam:,,,,,,,,,

Miscellaneous Spam:

I don’t even know what some of this spam is advertising it’s so cryptic:,,,

Christian Spam:

Here is some “Christian” spam that I got:,

Political Spam:

Some of this spam appeared connected with political campaigns:

Lawyer Spam:

At least some of this spam advertised law offices:

Money on Youtube:

Some of this spam advertised making money on youtube:


A Note To Spammers

I would like to comment as well that I get an abnormally large amount of spam (usually about 100-200 spam messages a day).  It is tedious to clean this spam out of of my message filter, as it interferes with my search for the elusive and rare legitimate comment that I look forward to reading and replying to, so I am providing a fair warning that upon my return to posting, the ip addresses and content of spam messages will be posted in a note.  You have been warned.”

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3 Responses to Attention All Spammers: A Note On Spam

  1. I’m guessing most spammers probably don’t visit your page themselves. I think the majority of spam comments are posted by bots, and the spammers likely never saw your warning.

    That said, what good does the ip address do? I don’t know much about that so I’m not sure what the ip address even tells me or how I could use it. I get about 15-30 spam comments a day which is very annoying. 100-200 is completely ridiculous…

    • I agree–but I found it fascinating just how interconnected the ip addresses were. They are tied to the internet service provider and some appear from adjacent computers (only one number, the last one, different).

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