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Book Review: Atlantis: The Andes Solution

Atlantis:  The Andes Solution:  The Discovery Of South America As The Legendary Continent Of Atlantis, by J.M. Allen When people think of the myths of Atlantis or the many stories that are based on those myths, a lot of fantastic … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: War And Independence In South America

War And Independence In South America, by Anthony Macfarlane As a military historian whose specialty, if it can be called that given my notoriously wide area of interest, is 19th century world history, it is nice when I am able … Continue reading

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May What Your Eyes See Stay In Your Heart

While I was reading a book today [1], I came across an interesting proverb that reads, “May what your eyes see stay in your heart.” Given my general interest in proverbs [2], I thought it would be worthwhile to examine … Continue reading

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Book Review: All Roads Lead To Austen

All Roads Lead To Austen: A Yearlong Journey With Jane, by Amy Elizabeth Smart This is the sort of book that appeals to a Janeite [that is, a fan of Jane Austen, especially of a literary and intellectual bent [1]] … Continue reading

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Weep, Weep, Grey Bird, Weep

There are very few English-language works available that discuss the 1864-1870 Paraguayan War [1], but the finest I have come across is Roger Kohn’s Weep, Weep, Grey Bird, Weep, taken from a translation of a sad nationalistic Paraguayan poem. And … Continue reading

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