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Missing The Mark

Ludwig von Mises’ mistaken economic ideas are strangely popular to many misguided professing Christians who miss the mark in mixing an ungodly economic system with a highly selective and partial approach to biblical law. Such an approach to law and … Continue reading

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Let’s Settle This Like Men

On March 11, 2012, in Danielson, Connecticut, there will be a boxing match between two men who are training hard with boxing trainers for the match, which will be a heavyweight bout with a weight limit between 190-215 pounds. There … Continue reading

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The Case Of The Barefoot Inebriated Russian In The Night

It is Friday evening, and I was minding my own business in the teacher’s house, when one of the students who is staying here at Legacy over the winter break came to the door and said to me, “Achan [teacher], … Continue reading

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The Dinosaur’s Prayer

I have deeply mixed feelings about the writing and legacy of Arthur Koestler. I own one of his books in my personal library, and my feelings about that book capture, in a nutshell, my feelings about the legacy and writing … Continue reading

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The False Dilemma Concerning The Song of Solomon

I have spent a fair amount of time (surprising to me, initially) on this blog dealing with false dilemmas, either or questions that end up being both, or other options besides these that are not even considered. Today in this … Continue reading

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Death Omens

Tonight and earlier this week at around 9:00PM I have heard “Taps” being played by the bugle here in Thailand. When I hear that song, I associate with death and the American Civil War (as it was apparently composed by … Continue reading

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Trapped In A Box

The human mind seems to have a particular bent towards categorization. One does not have to read too far in early written records to see that categories (as well as open deception about them) were vital in people understanding themselves, … Continue reading

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You Can’t Legislate Morality

One of the most common cliches concerning law and morality is saying, “You can’t legislate morality.” Like most cliches, it contains an element of truth, but not the way in which the saying is usually used. In the sense in … Continue reading

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Addition by Subtraction

I have never been the most athletic of people. Nonetheless, I’m someone who is generally very useful on a good team (and less useful on a bad team because of my very modest athletic gifts). When people project teams, often … Continue reading

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The Man Who Thought He Was A Bantha

It is hard not be generous in one’s thinking towards cattle. Even if one does not want to be an ignorant herd animal, it is hard not to appreciate an animal that is so simple in that it gives mankind … Continue reading

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