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Fragile Identities

One of the most striking aspects of contemporary identity politics is the fragility of people who engage in it. Traditionally speaking, at least, there has always been a wide difference between identities that were self-chosen and those identities that were … Continue reading

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It’s Not Hard To Be Humble

One of the most important aspects of life is the ability of dealing with external authorities. And, similarly, one of the most worrisome tendencies of contemporary life is the growing lack of interest of people in having authorities that are … Continue reading

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Believe The Evidence

Like many people, I have an interest in celebrity trials. This is not because such trials are consequential on their own–they are not–nor because celebrities are often worthwhile people, because most of the time they are not, but rather because … Continue reading

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Desperate Measures

It is our grave misfortune to be in a situation where desperation lies all around. A corrupt political class within the United States (known affectionately as the uniparty) appears to have decided that Ukraine is a suitable country to engage … Continue reading

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Constitutions For The Territories

One of the personal questions that I hope to gain some insight on in my upcoming trip to various American territories is the question of the way that locals seem to feel about their status within the United States. Americans … Continue reading

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Let Them Cope And Seethe

What we have seen, starting already tonight, and what we will likely see more of in the future, is just how bloodthirsty the ghouls of the left are in the United States. For nearly 50 years now, our country has … Continue reading

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From Moaning Myrtle To Dolores Umbridge

We previously discussed the tendency of contemporary jesters to desire more than merely to entertain. There is, for example, a great deal of video and posts that was saved before it was scrubbed for a new subcabinet official in the … Continue reading

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The Revolt Of The Jesters

When I was an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California, I took as one of my general education courses (in arts & letters, if I remember correctly) a course where we had to watch Sullivan’s Travels, a classic … Continue reading

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He Kept Us Out Of War

One of the more strange electoral campaigns of American political history took place in 1916, as World War I waged in Europe and other parts of the world, and the United States vainly thought that it would be able to … Continue reading

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A Failure Of Political Imagination

In watching the latest Fantastic Beasts movie, I was struck in particular by the failure of many reviewers, who themselves are part of that accursed tribe of contemporary journos, to recognize the subtlety of the portrayal of political matters and … Continue reading

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