Blessed Obscurity Podcast

As I already mentioned elsewhere, I have a podcast called Blessed Obscurity on Podmatic that deals with obscure music history.  If you want to read more of what I have to say about music history and want to hear my voice, head over there.  Here are links to the podcasts I have up so far as well as a list of topics I would like to discuss in future episodes:

Episode 0 – A Brief Introduction

Episode 1 – Coronavirus On The Radio

Episode 2 – What Is Quarantine Pop?

Episode 3 – What Is Pop Music?

Episode 4 – Tekashi 6ix9ine, Chart Hero

Episode 5 – Video Games And The Music Charts

Episode 6 – The Sicilian Defense

Episode 7 – An Introduction To Soccermomlandia

Episode 8 – Wherefore Art Thou Urban AC?

Episode 9 – A Case For A New Format:  Soundtrack Pop

Future Episodes:

The Origins Of Soccermomlandia

Obscure Albums:  World Falling Down

Soccermomlandia And Its Neighbors:  AC, Hot AC, AAA, Christian AC, Urban AC

The Undeniable Influence Of Johan Pacibel

Alan Parson Project’s Pyramid (with a special guest)

Follow Me – The Darker Side Of Soccermomlandia