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Book Review: Readings On Jane Austen

Readings On Jane Austen, edited by Clarice Swisher I read this book mostly while enjoying some food at a local sports bar, and the book managed to spark a conversation with an entrepreneur who was impressed to see someone who … Continue reading

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Book Review: Readings On Pride & Prejudice

Readings On Pride & Prejudice, edited by Clarice Swisher I am no stranger either to books on textual criticism [1] or the writings of Jane Austen, and so this book is a natural one for me to read even if … Continue reading

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Book Review: First Impressions (Austen Series #1)

First Impressions (Austen Series #1), by Debra White Smith [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Bethany House Press/Net Gallery.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.] I’m a big fan of Pride & Prejudice, and it is … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: Great Courses: Classics Of British Literature: Part 3

Great Courses:  Classics Of British Literature:  Part 3, by Professor John Sutherland By this point in a course, the third part of four, one ought to have some idea of what one is getting, and this is certainly the case … Continue reading

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Game Review: Airis

Airis, by Ebullience Games From time to time I review games here [1], and to a great extent this game fits within the confines of the sort of games it falls to my lot to play and review.  In this … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Jane Austen Education

A Jane Austen Education:  How Six Novels Taught Me About Love, Friendship, And The Things That Really Matter, by William Deresiewicz Reading this book was a bittersweet experience for me.  This is not necessarily the author’s heart, as this book … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jane Austen For Dummies

Jane Austen For Dummies, by Joan Klingel Ray At least occasionally I pick up a Dummies guide and enjoy reading through it [1], and in this case there would be few people more qualified to write this book, as the … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: Mansfield Park

Mansfield Park, by Jane Austen, read by Frances Barber In listening to Jane Austen audiobooks [1] one notices a particular pattern of words and expressions that one does not notice when reading it quickly.  For example, the narrator uses the … Continue reading

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Audiobook Review: Pride And Prejudice

Pride And Prejudice, by Jane Austen I have been getting in the habit of listening to audiobook versions of Jane Austen novels, as I like to reread them every year [1].  Recently I have enjoyed the film critiques of an … Continue reading

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Lopping And Cropping

Sometimes, less is more.  The famous novelist Jane Austen [1] was known to be somewhat coy about her writing methods, crafting among the most witty novels to be written in the English language, novels known for their fantastic sense of … Continue reading

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