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I Love The Nightlife

Tonight, after dinner (where Austin and I went to a restaurant by the river in Mae Sai, and where I had the tasty cashew chicken dish I have been craving ever since coming to Thailand), he and I decided to … Continue reading

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Blogging From The Border

Edit: Update on Thai flag comment (07/31/2011). This morning Austin (my fellow teacher) and I took an enjoyable four hour bus ride from Chiang Mai to the border town of Mae Sai. It was an enjoyable trip—even though it was … Continue reading

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Making A Run For The Border

Tomorrow morning, at 6:30, I will be leaving Baan Mae Sa Luang, the humble village where I live and work, and will be going to the bus station on a visa run to Mae Sai and crossing the border into … Continue reading

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Heman: Profile Of A Godly Man

Have you ever read the Bible and found people similar to you? Have you ever found people in God’s Word whose personalities were like your own? That experience has happened to me, and today I would like to share with … Continue reading

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The Myth of the Christian Antebellum Slaveowner

There is a popular and enduring myth about the antebellum slaveowner that such men were good Christians and godly men, and that there was nothing inherently immoral (by the standards of the Bible) in the system of antebellum slavery in … Continue reading

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Terrain Studies

Since childhood I have been fascinated by maps. I have designed imaginary worlds, reflecting on the ways in which terrain shapes culture. I have examined maps to look at mountains, valleys, deserts, swamps, rivers, plains, hills, and plateaus, matching them … Continue reading

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The Sound Of One Hand Clapping

Though at times I fancy a good debate, what makes me most happy are long and deep conversations, especially face to face, over good food. I am a person of very simple pleasures. It puzzles me how much one can … Continue reading

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Because No One Wants To Be Deceived So Much As Ourselves

The most dangerous kind of deception is self-deception. No one is so easy to deceive as ourselves, because no one wants to much to be deceived. Since human beings seem to possess an innate tendency for self-justification, to believe their … Continue reading

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On The Science Of The Mind

The area of the mind has long been an area that has gotten philosophers and scientists in a flummox. Our current popular scientific worldview insists on a materialistic world that excludes the existence or relevance of any nonmaterial factors. For … Continue reading

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Superpowers We Can Live Without?

What superpowers are possible and plausible? According to Io9’s Alasdair Wilkins, there are some plausible superpowers that we as a world can do without. Let’s look at a couple of them today: invisibility and telekinesis. Why the world is a … Continue reading

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