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On The Leavening Of Heathen Ways

It may seem somewhat odd, but until very recently I was unaware of the tendency for contemporary computer users to praise an entire month as being fit for Halloween memes. While it is not something I usually make a big … Continue reading

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Why Aren’t They In The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame: Matchbox 20

Few bands have changed the course of music in a more dramatic way by being largely undramatic about it as Matchbox 20. ┬áBefore the arrival of their massively popular debut album Yourself Or Someone Like You, alternative music prided itself … Continue reading

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Short Library Book Reviews: Part Eight

Civil Wars: A History In Ideas, by David Armitage This is not a bad book, but it is a frustrating book. The content of the book and its topic matter is certainly interesting enough, in that the author seeks to … Continue reading

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When Old People Play Pretend

When I gave a positive review to the ABBAtars that were introduced in the music video the excellent new ABBA single “I Still Have Faith In You,” I received an unfriendly comment from someone who thought it was ridiculous that … Continue reading

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A Reflection On South Sudan, Ten Years After Independence

It is hard to remember that only ten years ago a near unanimous vote of the people of South Sudan voted to separate from that country in light of the nearly continuous fighting among itself that South Sudan has seen. … Continue reading

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Some Notes On The Concept Of Civil War In The Bible

This evening at dinner I read the first half of a sizable book on the subject of civil wars that pointedly ignores the historiography of civil wars as a concept in the Bible while discussing it from Greco-Roman, Arabic, and … Continue reading

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Save Your Rage For Another Day

I belong to a community of chart nerds that regularly comments and predicts upon the weekly Billboard Hot 100. I am aware that this is an interest that is not shared by many people, and so the minutae of how … Continue reading

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Nothing Left But The Think Pieces

It would be hypocritical in the extreme for someone who writes as many think pieces of one kind or another to be hostile to them as a whole. Nonetheless, there is something immensely dispiriting about the thought of the sort … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want To Hear About It

How does one protect oneself from unwanted and intrusive communication? For the past few years I have become increasingly bothered by the sorts of advertisements I have gotten, to the point where I have deliberately sought as much as possible … Continue reading

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If It Coughs, It Lags

Since I have a bit of time while we wait in the Wichita airport for our plane to arrive, from wherever it happens to be at present, I thought it would be worthwhile to write a bit about something I … Continue reading

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