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Core Curriculum: REO Speedwagon

Earlier today, as I write this, someone made a comment about whether or not I had an article in my popular series of articles on acts that have been unjustly denied a spot in the Rock & Roll Hall of … Continue reading

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No One Is Above The Law

There are many slogans that look good on paper but which in reality prove to be far more troubling than would first appear to the case for those whose intellectual depth is no more serious than hashtags of the current … Continue reading

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Daylight Savings Time As A Characteristic Problem Of Our Age

There have been moves afoot recently on the state and national level to make Daylight Savings Time last all year round. This possibility, which would make areas effectively be a time zone ahead of where they would otherwise be, has … Continue reading

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Unity And Division Without Limit

There is no nation, no matter how large, that does not have at least some desire to make itself larger through some form of union with others, and there is no community of people, no matter how small, that does … Continue reading

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Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Why is it that so many people who are technically in the entertainment industry forget what their job is? We take it for granted that entertainment is supposed to be entertaining, and that the various people who are paid to … Continue reading

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The Authority Song

While I was having dinner tonight, I chatted with the bartender about a variety of matters, but especially about some of the enduring aspects of American culture. From time to time I have discussed my own family history, but despite … Continue reading

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Second Thoughts On The Categorical Imperative

For those who are not familiar with the concept, the categorical imperative was a principle that was stoutly and verbosely defended by the 18th century German philosopher Immanuel Kant which posited that for an action to be moral, it would … Continue reading

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The Enemies Of Our Existence

Earlier today I was watching some online videos about Columbo, a popular series mainly (but not only) in the 1970’s that had a particular approach to it. In the show, the audience knew who (and why) the murder was committed … Continue reading

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What Interest Does Government Have In Regulating Marriage?

Earlier today I was asked about the definition of marriage, and not being someone who is or has ever been married, I wondered about what qualifications I possess that would make someone want to know my thoughts on its definition … Continue reading

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The Unmet Hunger For Genuine Competition

One of the more pervasive and frustrating aspects of contemporary life for me personally, and it appears for many other people as well, is the unmet hunger for genuine competition that exists in so many areas of life. As a … Continue reading

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