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Short Library Book Reviews: Part Four

How To Take Great Vacation Photographs, by John Hedgecoe This book is precisely the sort of book one would expect it to be. Most of the book consists of the author showing off his photography technique and giving some advice … Continue reading

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One Moment In Time

One of the more irritating things about having your phone know the location you go is that you get bugged for reviews for everywhere you go. Google has a not very subtle way of trying to convince you that one’s … Continue reading

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Could You Pass The Turing Test?

One of the more intriguing tests that people take frequently is the Turing Test, whether they realize it or not. In a world like our own where there are a lot of bots masquerading as people, one of the important … Continue reading

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The Human Element

There are some people who are enamored with the thought of the human element in the officiating of sports, one of those factors of randomness that exist in many games. While the rules of the game presuppose a desire to … Continue reading

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If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

One of the more humorous aspects of life in the contemporary world is the mania that people have for change for the sake of change. There is a widespread belief, and it has been the case for some time, that … Continue reading

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On Ways The Past Is Another Country

Recently I have read some books about animals I happen to appreciate. It was striking to read, for example, that Pandas were still largely unknown in the west and in much of China as late as the 1930’s when various … Continue reading

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Famines In A Time Of Plenty

One of the oddities of famine is that frequently people suffer from famines not because there is not enough food, but that the food does not get to the people who need it. Political famines in recent decades have been … Continue reading

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An Excessive Love Of Novelty

One of the issues that are faced at present in the understanding of creativity is the confusion of creativity with innovation or with novelty. Given the immense popularity of books and other media that deal with innovation and given the … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal For The Suppression Of Captcha Abuse

If you’ve used the web for any length of time, you’ve probably been subjected to captcha in one of several forms. Perhaps you have been told to type a random selection of letters and numbers, or been given a set … Continue reading

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Book Review: Killing The Rising Sun

Killing The Rising Sun: How America Vanquished World War II Japan, by Bill O’Reilly & Martin Dugard If you are familiar with this series already [1], you know how this one works. We have a popular history and not a … Continue reading

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