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We Beefin

I love beef.  And while I do not get to eat beef as much as I would like, I am not talking here about the kind that comes from mostly placid hooved ruminants, but rather the sort of beef that … Continue reading

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But Is It Necessary?

One of the obvious insights that one gains from reading a lot of books as I do is the understanding that a lot of books are simply not necessary.  The question of necessity, though, depends much on the specific purposes … Continue reading

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Book Review: Opposing Viewpoints: Popular Culture

Opposing Viewpoints:  Popular Culture, edited by David Haugen and Susan Musser This book is apparently one of a large series of books that seek to combine opposing viewpoints on some subject of contention so that the reader can sort out … Continue reading

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Conversations With My Readers: Part One

One of the intended purposes of my blog is to help spur on conversations on various topics, and from time to time my readers oblige my wish for my blogging to be an aid to interpersonal communication in a variety … Continue reading

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On Finding The Right Spot To Write

Right now, as has been the case over the last couple of blog entries that I have written, I am sitting in the place where we eat and have services.  I am still dressed in my church clothes as services … Continue reading

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Poll For Facebook Readers

While I do not have many Facebook views most days, since at least some of my posts are viewed quite heavily there, I wished to write a comment for those readers who do check my posts out from Facebook and … Continue reading

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Edge Induced Cohesion: 2017 In Review

In contrast to previous years [1][ where I wrote at considerable length about the posts that were popular during the course of the year, I wish to shorten things considerably this year.  Generally, the same few posts are viewed every … Continue reading

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Edge Induced Cohesion: 2016 In Review

Since it appears that WordPress has decided not to do its usual annual review post this year for my blog [1], I figured it was necessary to continue my own series of annual reviews about the state of my blog … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crafting The Personal Essay

Crafting The Personal Essay:  A Guide For Writing And Publishing Creative Nonfiction, by Dinty W. Moore When a writer has been given or has chosen for himself the name of a tasty can of beef stew, there is little choice … Continue reading

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You Are Who You Thought They Were

It is said that success has a hundred fathers but failure is an orphan.  Although the wise course of action would be to restrain from bragging too much about one’s successes and being gracious to others to allow more people … Continue reading

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