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Who Is Willing To Pay To Eliminate Deaths By Ignorance?

Recently my brother’s father-in-law wrote an op/ed for one of his local newspapers in the Tampa Bay area that urged the passage of law that is designed to protect children from the horrors of brain trauma, something he happens to … Continue reading

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Creativity And Imagination In Frances Hodgson Burnett’s A Little Princess: Part Two

It is now worthwhile to turn out attention to the immense creativity of Sara Crewe shown in A Little Princess, creativity that begins when she still has a great deal of money, and that continues when she is impoverished and … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Country Called Prison

A Country Called Prison:  Mass Incarceration And The Making Of A New Nation, by Mary D. Looman & John D. Carl I must admit that my feelings about this book were considerably mixed and that my own approach to crime … Continue reading

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For You Observe Trouble And Grief

[Note:  This is the prepared text for a sermonette delivered at the United Church of God congregation in Portland, OR on Sabbath, March 9, 2019.] One of my favorite genres of book to collect is called theodicy [spell out word].  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Glimpses Of The Devil

Glimpses Of The Devil:  A Psychiatrist’s Personal Accounts Of Possession, Exorcism, And Redemption, by M. Scott Peck I’m not exaggerating when I say that this is a pretty terrifying read.  For some reason, I have read a fair amount of … Continue reading

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The Shadow Of The Day Will Embrace The World In Gray

Yesterday, as I was sitting and reading and enjoying my dinner and occasionally looking up to see college football scores, I happened to hear a song that I have not heard for a while on the radio, though it is … Continue reading

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A Man Who Things Happen To

One of the most notable aspects of Isaac is that he is a man who things happen to.  There are some people in scripture who are best known for what they do.  We imagine Moses holding his staff over the … Continue reading

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God Gives To His Beloved Sleep

For a variety of reasons I have often looked at Psalm 127 and its importance (often alongside Psalm 128) [1].  Although Psalm 127 is short, it touches on a lot of themes that are of deep personal interest to me, … Continue reading

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Portland Anonymous: Fragment Eleven

Benefit concerns have a long history in rock & roll and other genres.  In 1971 there was a benefit concert to help those in Bangladesh after the horrors of their war of independence against Pakistan.  Then there benefit concerts for … Continue reading

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The Devil Inside

Over the past few weeks, I have read far more about and from Graham Greene than I had previously thought possible [1].  To be sure, I have known about him as a writer for some time, reading Our Man In … Continue reading

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