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Book Review: Ethnic Conflict In World Politics

Ethnic Conflict In World Politics, by Barbara Harff and Ted Robert Gurr As someone who has a fairly strong interest in the relationship between ethnic conflicts and geopolitics [1], this is the sort of book I enjoy reading from time … Continue reading

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The Age Of Seccession: The Kurds

A couple days ago, a large majority of voters in Iraqi Kurdistan voted for their independence in a unilateral referendum that was not supported by Iraq nor by any other nation in the Middle East except for Israel.  Although Iraqi … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Kurds: State And Minority In Turkey, Iraq, And Iran

The Kurds:  State And Minority In Turkey, Iraq, And Iran, by James Ciment It is somewhat noteworthy that this particular book is substantially out of date, and worth mentioning how so at the outset.  Seeking to focus on the relationship … Continue reading

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This Is Why We Don’t Have Any Nice Things In Kurdistan

As someone who comes from hill people, I have always had a fondness for other hill tribes around the world [1], yet this fondness is not undiminished by concern about their ability to ensure their own well-being. I support, to … Continue reading

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Kurds And Whey

One of the more troublesome “what if” questions of contemporary world history is whether the Kurds would have their own nation-state if they were somehow more unified. Somehow, in the falling apart of the Ottoman Empire in the early 1900’s, … Continue reading

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