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We Wear The Mask, Or, Reflections On The Pyrite Rule

Moralists who are fond of comparative religion often discuss the nature of various ethical rules that are found in different religious systems. The golden rule, for example, is well-known, in its formulation that we should do unto others as we … Continue reading

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Lynch Law

In one of his earliest speeches, Abraham Lincoln stood against the lawless tendency of his times to celebrate lynch law. During the first half of the 19th century there was a rising tendency on the part of people throughout the … Continue reading

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Civilized Masks

One of the striking aspects of humanity is that we all to some extent, wear masks. These masks are worn for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we wear masks to protect ourselves, to present ourselves as being less vulnerable than … Continue reading

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Papua New Guinea: The State As Killer?

Papua New Guinea: The State As Killer?, by Amnesty International Is it a bad thing for the state to be a killer? Amnesty International would have one believe that the death penalty has no place in justice out of a … Continue reading

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Measure For Measure

Matthew 7:1 is among the most misquoted scriptures in the entire Bible, and that is saying something. The passage in which this verse appears, which takes in the first five verses of the third and final chapter of the Sermon … Continue reading

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No Lesser Of The Evils

One of the defenses that people have when it comes to active political behavior is the desirability and sometimes even the necessity of choosing between the lesser of two evils. A great many evils may be tolerated so long as … Continue reading

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Crime Without Criminals

Like many people, I find myself fascinated by books and documentaries relating to true crime. I remember one example of a true crime book I read that I found fascinating which showed the obsessive attempts of someone to solve the … Continue reading

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Sic Semper Rebelles: Part Six

It was night before the Zambrano family finished their dinner and received the call to help out at the high school. Guiseppe and Lisbeth got to the base location near the center of the former Cherry Hill Autonomous Zone. They … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Time To Speak

A Time To Speak: Selected Writings And Arguments, by Robert H. Bork Is it really a time to speak? Reading this book was a bit of a puzzling experience for me because it left Bork nearly as opaque and mysterious … Continue reading

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Signs Of Life: A Case Study In Irony And Metaphor

There is a class of albums that I would like to call the “We’re Still Here” albums, where a band that has had a great deal of turmoil like losing their lead singer or being dropped from their label releases … Continue reading

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