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Absence Of Color

One of the fundamental issues in our contemporary world that is at the base of a great deal of our problems is the failure of reciprocity. Whether one prefers the formulation of the golden or silver rules is sometimes a … Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time In The Dalles

Judge John Wolf is running for re-election as a circuit court judge in the 7th District of Oregon, which covers the five counties of Hood River, Wasco, Sherman, Wheeler, and Gilliam. Of those five counties, Hood River and Wasco counties … Continue reading

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The First To Plead His Case Seems Right

Proverbs 18:17 gives us the following piece of advice: “The first one to plead his cause seems right,Until his neighbor comes and examines him.” We live in a world–and have always lived in a world–where people sought to justify themselves and get out ahead … Continue reading

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In Hard Plastic

A bit more than ten years ago I was an observer (and participant) in a debate that centered around a series of false accusations that were made that swayed a certain group of people to act in a certain way. … Continue reading

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On The Asymmetry Of The Adversarial Justice System

We are used to thinking of the justice system as being finely balanced between the different parties, but that is not the case. In some cases, the balance can weigh differently, and efforts to redress what are apparent imbalances can … Continue reading

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Laws Make Bad Memorials

I was watching a video recently from a lawtube channel named Runkle In The Bailey that features a Canadian criminal defense attorney with a specialty in firearms law. What he said that was striking about the Canadian legal system and … Continue reading

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On The Insufficiency Of The Law As A Basis For Morality

There is a great deal of confusion about the purpose of the law. This is true regardless of what laws one happens to look at. Recently, a vlogger I pay attention to made a comment about what looks to be … Continue reading

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How Privilege Warps The Fundamentals Of Justice

One of the most problematic aspects of the history of antebellum Southern Christianity was the way that the message of Christianity was warped to such a great extent by the unjust behavior of slaveowners. This injustice may be profitably compared … Continue reading

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What Is History To You Is Memory To Someone Else

One of the more frequent asymmetric aspects of our lives is the way that what is history to us is memory to someone else. And, if we are older, what is history to someone else will be memory for us. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Reading While Black

Reading While Black: African American Biblical Interpretation As An Exercise In Hope, by Esau McCulley This book is not written for a reader like me. Sometimes this can be a bad thing, but in this case the fact that the … Continue reading

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