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The Cat And The Mouse

As someone with an interest in worldview questions, and especially interested in the difference between those whose thinking is only short-term and tactical versus those whose long-term strategic planning is paramount, the question of why certain cultures appear to be … Continue reading

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Just Call Me The Chinacutioner

In boxing, boxers who tear through other boxers of a particular ethnic group are often given the name -cutioner.  For example, Manny Pacquiano is often called a Mexicutioner [1], something that seriously bothers him personally [2], because of his record … Continue reading

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Do Not Pray For This People

  Every year I try to read through the Bible. Often I will vary by translation as well as by the order of reading, so that it is a different experience, slightly, each year and doens’t get monotonous. For example, … Continue reading

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The Law Of The Jungle

When hard times come, we find out the true ferocity within others and ourselves as we fight for survival and dignity in the realization that what was once taken for granted as being plentiful is now seen as scarce. Cartels … Continue reading

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When Does A Marriage Start, Anyway?

My posting last night on weddings [1] reminded me that I had thought to write recently about when we start a marriage, but had not written due to being sidetracked by so much else to do.  It is a subject … Continue reading

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A Wedding Party

Today most of the Legacy Students, at least those who remained through the semester break, along with two of the three teachers (guess who the third one was?) have gone up to villages to attend the wedding of an old … Continue reading

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The Center Cannot Hold

Every few generations, it seems, over the past couple hundred years (and, indeed, much further than that), there have been immense crises that have threatened our civilization and our socities between two extremes. Almost invariably there end up being three … Continue reading

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The Parents Have Eaten Sour Grapes

In their 2010 hit single “The Catalyst,” Linkin park opens the song with the following lines [1]: God bless us everyone. We’re a broken people living under loaded gun. And it can’t be outfought; It can’t be outdone. It can’t … Continue reading

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How Americans See The World

Yesterday my dear Turkish friend Irem sent me a funny picture (see below) about how Americans see the world.  It’s a little incomplete, but not terribly inaccurate.  Some of it is true even for me, at least in part, so … Continue reading

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Derived Demand

When governments pass laws they often shift the winners and losers of the marketplace and artificially create demand where there would be none before. This shifts resources from those who (like myself) wish to be law-abiding citizens or resident aliens. … Continue reading

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