Just Call Me The Chinacutioner

In boxing, boxers who tear through other boxers of a particular ethnic group are often given the name -cutioner.  For example, Manny Pacquiano is often called a Mexicutioner [1], something that seriously bothers him personally [2], because of his record in defeating many Mexicans.  (As a point in fact, Manny Pacquiano claims, and I believe him, a lot of respect for Mexican boxers, a respect I personally share.)  Though I am not a boxer myself (fortunately for my poor noggin), I too have a well-earned reputation for destruction that I would like to comment on.  Just call me the Chinacutioner.

Now, why would you call me the Chinacutioner?  Well, just like Manny Pacquiano tears through overrated boxers for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I tear through overrated Chinese electronics like there is no tomorrow.  Not that this is a difficult task (one could argue the same about some of boxing’s tin cans as well, I suppose).  That said, between my very active computer use, including moving a laptop around a fair bit, the wonky electricity here in Thailand, and some particularly shoddy engineering work from the people who make power cords, I went through a brand new power cord [3] (and it wasn’t cheap either) in just over a month.  So, for finding ways to wreck poorly made Chinese electronics, you can call me the Chinacutioner.

Not that I’m particularly proud of my title.  There are plenty of things I’d rather be doing than contributing to the destruction of computer parts.  That said, I suppose after my record that it’s a title I have earned.  That’s the way it goes sometimes, I suppose.  Sometimes your presence and mastery is known by the trail of broken and battered you leave in your wake, challengers who thought that they could take you, or parts you thought could be reliable but ended up being just more junk.  Too bad people can’t actually make worthwhile computer parts these days, though.

[1] http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=mexicutioner

[2] http://sports.yahoo.com/box/news?slug=ys-pacquiao_marquez_blog101911

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