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Outlining The Lipton Saga

Last year for my annual novella, I wrote about the beginning of the period of the Third Viscount Lipton, starting a saga in media res, where the middle-aged Viscount, newly installed with the title after the death of his elderly … Continue reading

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High Speed Blogging

At the end of a particularly comical and nonsensical video by a notable YouTuber who pilots and does ATC in the VATSIM community, someone asks permission to do some high speed blogging. It is interesting to note the way that … Continue reading

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For I Intend To Write The History Books: Part One

What is our response when we think about Winston’s Churchill’s famous statement that he expected the verdict of history to be favorable to him because he intended to write the history books. It may seem unusual to us that a … Continue reading

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The Catch-22 Of Circles Around This Town

There is a catch-22 that artists face when it comes to the material that they write and perform. Does an artist write about their struggles as they have experienced them or do they try to pander to the audience by … Continue reading

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In My Tribes

This morning I had the opportunity to talk at some length with a friend of mine about the existence of tribes. This person had, very seriously, stated an intention to find out who was members of the same tribe that … Continue reading

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Professional Discourtesy

There is an old joke about a shark refusing to eat a lawyer in the sea because of professional courtesy. In not all cases do we find professional courtesy that is granted where we might expect it to be. For … Continue reading

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They Don’t Really Care About Us

Earlier today, while I was sitting at dinner, I read the first third or so of a book that my workplace’s book club is reading. I had a general idea, based on the language that was used in our introductory … Continue reading

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Requiem For A Pyramid Man

I got the call this evening. Admittedly, I am not an easy man to get in touch with by phone, but I happened to see the phone number light up on my phone and it was from an area code … Continue reading

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Do Not Seal The Words Of The Prophecy

[Note: This is the prepared text for a sermonette given to the Portland United Church of God congregation on Sabbath, February 19, 2022.] It is said that roughly a third of the Bible contains prophecy, and yet if one looks … Continue reading

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On The Perfect Ending

There are some writers who simply do not know when to stop. The great Polish novelist Joseph Conrad once wrote a novel that has been widely loved but also universally recognized to have had a bad ending. The author, somehow, … Continue reading

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