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Book Review: The Manga Guide To Linear Algebra

The Manga Guide To Linear Algebra, by Shin Takahashi and Iroha Inoue After having read this book and finding it greatly enjoyable as well as informative, I think that the Manga guides to other subjects are likely to be of … Continue reading

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A Tour Of The Austen 2019: Pride & Prejudice

Pride & Prejudice, by Jane Austen, illustrated by Shiei Do you like Pride & Prejudice?  Do you like beautifully drawn and immensely appealing manga?  If you answered yes to one (or both) of these questions, then this nearly 600 page … Continue reading

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Book Review: Jane Austen: Her Heart Did Whisper

Jane Austen:  Her Heart Did Whisper, by Manuela Santoni It is little surprise that a woman who has written some of the most enduring works of fiction in the English language should attract the attention of those who want to … Continue reading

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The Rain In Mae Rim Stays Mainly In The Plain

I had for some days planned to go to Mae Rim on some business (including changing money out of dollars and into baht), but had been delayed for various reasons until this morning. And for a while today I was … Continue reading

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Book Review And Musing On: Strawberry Panic

Strawberry Panic, story by Sakurako Kimino, Art by Takuminamuchi, translated by Anastasia Moreno, Yayoi Ihne, and Jason DeAngelis You might think that nothing deep and intriguing could be learned from the pages of a manga novel.  You would be wrong … Continue reading

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