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May Day: The Curious Connection Between Paganism And Socialism

May Day is one of those odd pagan festivals that springs from spring fertility rituals, including sexual immorality (like dancing around the maypole, a typical phallic symbol) related to the fertility of one’s crops and animals, one whose roots spring … Continue reading

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A Dickensian Tale

Charles Dickens had his childhood blighted because of the institution of the debtor’s prison. Because of his father’s debts he was unable to go to school and had to work in a factory instead [1]. It didn’t stop him from … Continue reading

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Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Among the most certain and melancholy ways to recognize a civilization or society is facing terminal decline is when it ceases to look toward a brighter future and when it is caught between two unacceptable alternatives–nostalgia in the greatness of … Continue reading

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How Long Can The United Kingdom Retain Control Over The Falkland Islands?

One of the rare successes for British arms in the past fifty years took place in 1982, when the United Kingdom successfully regained control over the Falkland Islands (which Argentina calls Las Islas Malvinas) in a hard-fought victory with significant … Continue reading

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Jonadab The Son Of Rechab Shall Not Lack A Man To Stand Before Me Forever

How many of you here have ever heard of a man named Jonadab, the son of Rechab? Jonadab was an obscure man in the Bible, but his life and the behavior of his descendents became important lessons that God used … Continue reading

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For You Have Robbed Me, Even This Whole Nation: Part One

[Note: Some time ago, a reader of this blog requested that I deal with the question of tithing for Christians today. It has taken me some time to ponder the issue, but today I am posting the historical introduction to … Continue reading

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Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied?

Earlier this year there was a viral video sent that attempted to raise a public storm against one of Africa’s more unpleasant political figures (and that’s saying something!), in a campaign entitled Kony 2012. Not coincidentally, the United States government … Continue reading

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On The Historical Approach

It is a sad truth that many people consider history to be dull and boring. It is true that there are a great many dull and boring history texts in existence (especially those which eschew narrativity and focus on the … Continue reading

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A Family Affair

How corrupt is NBA Player’s Association Executive Director Billy Hunter? This corrupt: he makes almost as much money (over $13 million over the last five years) as the rest of the employees of the union made combined over that same … Continue reading

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Why Piracy Matters

Why does the failed state of Somalia (along with the failure of the world to recognize the independence of Somaliland) matter to the world? Why should the world care about the failure of nations like Somalia and Indonesia in integrating … Continue reading

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