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Respect, Then Civility

It is a sad truth that civility and decency have greatly declined in our contemporary culture, not only in the United States, but worldwide. Our choices appear to be free speech that is intensely hostile and disrespectful or supporting censorship … Continue reading

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The Last Of The Independents

Starting in the mid-1980’s, the do-it-yourself independent music scene had been greatly discouraged and demoralized by defection from its artists to major labels. The fact that careerist ambitions had trumped loyalty to independence from the major labels was a discouraging … Continue reading

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It is immensely amusing to read books for which one is not the intended audience. Often these books prove to be enjoyable on multiple levels. For one, there is the enjoyment of seeing someone write for someone else to see … Continue reading

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A Historian At Play

I do not know how other historians enjoy doing their research, but for some reason I have found it easiest to do historical research in somewhat unconventional ways. I would like to begin by commenting that most of my historical … Continue reading

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Be Prepared For Hurricane Sandy

Edge Induced Cohesion sends its prayers and fond wishes on behalf of those in harm’s way thanks to Hurricane Sandy. As the storm appears to be meeting the worst case scenario [1] for the storm, making a direct impact on … Continue reading

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Benjamin Disraeli’s Revenge

Benjamin Disraeli was a fascinating man for a variety of reasons. As one of those impossibly accomplished 19th century figures, who was a successful writer of novels, as well as an immensely quotable and successful political leaders, who served multiple … Continue reading

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Phony Populist-In-Chief

The appeal of populism [1] is that it speaks on behalf of common people in societies dominated by wealthy and exploitative elites. In a world that feels (and is) exploited by elites, this is a powerful motivation for people that … Continue reading

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Psalm 15: Who May Dwell In Your Holy Hill?

Psalm 15 is one of the most straightforward psalms of David. In five short verses David asks a question and answers it, giving wisdom about how God is to be worshiped and what kind of behavior is pleasing in the … Continue reading

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Telling Stories

The distinction between current affairs and history lies in narratives. History looks at the past, and what happened has already been defined. Some are winners and some are losers; some have different views of what happened, but what is done … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: Admiral Insubordinate

Admiral Insubordinate: The Life And Times Of Lord Beresford, by Richard Freeman I got another book from the Naval Historical Institute [1], and so as is my custom when I review books for others I will not publish a book … Continue reading

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