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Book Review: An Asian Harvest

An Asian Harvest:  An Autobiography, by Paul Hattaway [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Kregel Book Tours.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.] In reading this book, I was struck by how Nathanish the author seemed. … Continue reading

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Is An Unjust Tribunal Like A Hurricane?

At times, I like to pay attention to the juxtaposition of seemingly independent stories that, when combined, give a larger context to events that would be far more ephemeral to the concerns of the world at large when viewed in … Continue reading

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An Inexorable March

Sometimes the theme of an evening is a ripe piece of low-hanging fruit and sometimes it is a matter that requires a bit of thought.  I have now gone to a fair amount of dinners as a part of our … Continue reading

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A Wave Of Populism

[Note: This is the prepared text of a speech given to the Portland UCG Spokesmen’s Club on April 10, 2016 to fulfill the Graduate Club #6 Speech Requirement for World News Analysis.  The speech received the award for Most Effective … Continue reading

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Your Stay On The Mainland Will Likely Be Of Some Duration

A few days ago, I happened to see an online article that discussed a series of disappearances connected to a small independent bookstore in Hong Kong that dealt in books of a sensitive political nature that are banned on the … Continue reading

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To Serve And Protect

This morning I happened to read an article about a police shooting in rural Western Pennsylvania, in the same county where I spent my early childhood and the time my father had custody after my parents split up during my … Continue reading

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Talk Is Cheap; Show Me Your Works

Last night I saw a humorous and horribly translated list of professions that were said to be off-limits for foreign workers in Thailand. Some of the jobs, like the unfortunately titled thirteenth position, “Paper hand job,” were a bit mysterious, … Continue reading

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A Reason To Be Anxious

This morning, when I looked at the sources of views on my blog, I happened to find a website that was a new source of page views, and one that made me a little anxious. I am used to receiving … Continue reading

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Yacht Rock, Or, The Incestuousness Of Cultural Elites

Yesterday, my wanderings through the world of Wikipedia led me to a humorous mockumentary called “Yacht Rock” [1] which lovingly tackles the incestuous soft rock music scene of the late 1970’s and early 1980’s. According to the show’s creator, the … Continue reading

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The Constitution Writers

When I was a teenager, I played in various text-based roleplaying games, and one of the interests I had both in and out of character was the writing of constitutions. This may seem to be an odd interest, as most … Continue reading

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