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The Past Is Another Country

Bucky Covington, one-time American Idol contestant, sang a song that related very strongly to me personally and to my own childhood. In the chorus of that song, he sang, “It was a different life when we were boys and girls. … Continue reading

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War Is Only A Cowardly Escape From The Problems Of Peace

War can take many forms, of which bloody combat is only the most obvious and brutal. Today in my inbox, I got a link to an update on one of the wars that has been engulfing the Tampa radio scene … Continue reading

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A Busy Morning

So, I am taking a break from reading one of my books to review for H-Net in order to write this entry, but so far today it has been a fairly busy morning in a way that demonstrates the sort … Continue reading

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Looking For A Fight

As someone who by temperament and background tends to enjoy debates (perhaps a little too much), I am often amused whenever I am present in a particular environment where debate is looked down on and actively discouraged. While I will … Continue reading

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Book Review: Small Boats, Weak States, Dirty Money

Small Boats, Weak States, Dirty Money: Piracy and Maritime Terrorism in the Modern World, by Martin N. Murphy [Note: This book was provided free of charge by Columbia University Press in exchange for a review. I requested this book directly … Continue reading

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Freedom And Agape

Three or four years ago, I first read Ron Dart’s excellent work Law & Covenant, which included the sobering and excellent point that a lot of our problems as human beings are the result of freedom. As a patriotic and … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: Lost World Of The Golden King

Lost World Of The Golden King: In Search Of Ancient Afghanistan, by Frank L. Holt For those who are not aware, I have a passion for random and obscure history of lost civilizations, a subject I occasionally blog about [1]. … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: The Nature Of War

The Nature Of War: Origins And Evolution Of Violent Conflict, by Jim Stempel This book is the first that arrived from H-Net for me to review, and it took quite a long while to arrive. It was definitely eagerly anticipated, … Continue reading

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Today In History: On January 28, 1813, Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice Was Published

It is a truth (nearly) universally acknowledged by my readers that I am a fan of Jane Austen, and have made numerous blog entries about my studies and love of things Austen [1]. Without indulging in too many more witty … Continue reading

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Good Punctuation Saves Lives

[Note: This is the prepared text of a speech given to the Portland UCG Spokesman’s Club on January 27, 2013. The speech, as delivered (which was a bit shorter) ended up getting the Most Effective Speech award.] Throughout this world, … Continue reading

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