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Unicorns In The Bible

One of my favorite silly videos on You Tube is one that has a character named Charlie the Unicorn being bothered by two annoying little unicorns who tell him about Candy Mountain.  Of course, Charlie the Unicorn tells them that … Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Colin Firth and King George VI

Yesterday night Colin Firth won the Academy Award for Best Actor for his role as King George VI.  Today I would like to talk a little bit about the role, and then about the actor. King George VI was not … Continue reading

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Google Goes After Content Firms

Google is apparently increasing its efforts against low-quality content firms that seem to monopolize its search results, with a humorous, if low-key announcement about the release of a new Google Chrome extension that allows users to block results from low-quality … Continue reading

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USA, Inc.

Analyst Mary Meeker has compiled a lengthy (and grim) corporate balance sheet for what she calls USA, Inc. (otherwise known as the federal government).  The whole report can be found here [1] for those who are interested in reading it.  … Continue reading

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Can Anyone Make Peace Anymore?

Every day these days brings forth some kind of news about some kind of conflict, whether a new one in a new place, or an update on an existing one.  Millionaire football players argue with billionaire team owners about the … Continue reading

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Exodus 30:11-16: The Census Tax

Having already discussed in broad detail some issues of biblical taxation [1] I thought it worthwhile to discuss the issue of the census tax (also considered the temple tax) in particular.  As it is one of the most notable biblical … Continue reading

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I’d Rather Have My Shoebox

A friend of mine has a cat named Reuben who was bought a nice comfy cat bed.  The only thing is, he prefers to sleep in his shoebox instead of his larger and more cozy bed.  Cats aren’t the only … Continue reading

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Les Incompètents: A Hospital Musing

Les Incompètents is a band which I am unfamiliar with, but it is also an expression that means “the incompetents,” or those people who do not know what they are doing.  Today I happened to see a fair amount of … Continue reading

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Notes From The Underground

As I was reading Our Band Could Be Your Life [1], I started realizing that I too had been part of the underground independent music scene without being the slightest bit aware of it, in at least three separate ways. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Our Band Could Be Your Life

Our Band Could Be Your Life: Scenes From The American Indie Underground 1981-1991, by Michael Azerrad The most depressing thing about the title of this book is that it is not far off for me in many respects (except politically … Continue reading

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