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Movie Review: Bad Kids

Sometimes the context in which one watches a movie makes a big difference in how one views it.  Last night I went to the house of one of my fellow CASAs in Washington County, Oregon, along with almost 20 other … Continue reading

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Movie Review: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

[Note:  There be spoilers below.] As someone who is familiar with and a pretty serious fan of the Harry Potter universe [1], I looked forward to this film.  Before going to this film after getting off of work early because … Continue reading

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I Can Dream About You

Dan Hartman is one of the more obscure musicians of the 1980’s to have four top 40 hits. He is most famous for his hit song “I Can Dream About You,” which would appear on the surface to be a … Continue reading

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Non-Book Review: Arthurian Animation

Arthurian Animation: A Study Of Cartoon Camelots On Film And Television, by Michael N. Salda When I had the opportunity to select another book to review for De Re Militari [1], I took the opportunity to request a book about … Continue reading

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The Martyr’s Walk

In watching the movie Insurgent this afternoon, I was struck by the consistency of the approach of Tris Prior, the main character of the movie and the book series it is based on. Among the many changes from the book … Continue reading

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The Power Of A Pattern

Yesterday night I went to watch a movie that I heard about from one of my friends who happens to be deeply involved with biblical research [1] in Southern California. This particular movie, “Patterns Of Evidence – Exodus,” decided to … Continue reading

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Insanity’s Silver Lining

So, I want to lay it out in the open that I like Jennifer Lawrence. She’s an adorable brunette, genuine and awkward, who trips over herself when climbing onstage like I often do, who has a mixture of strength and … Continue reading

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The Demographics Of Disney Princesses

It is strange how the mind works sometimes. Recently, a friend and I were walking through the Disney store in the mall across the street from where I live, and after seeing that half the store was devoted to Disney … Continue reading

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The Better Angels Of Our Natures

This weekend a new Abraham Lincoln movie was released, and as a fan (and scholar) of Abraham Lincoln’s life and career, and political philosophy, I thought it a worthwhile time to ponder the sorts of issues that result from dealing … Continue reading

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Excess Baggage

It is ironic how similar very different perspectives can be about the question of dating. This morning I watched the movie Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. It had been a quirky movie about a guy who has to defeat seven … Continue reading

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