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Booklet Review: Daniel’s 490 Year Prophecy

Daniel’s 490 Year Prophecy Predicts The Very Day Of Christ’s Death, by Ralph Lyman [Note: This book was provided free of charge by the author in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts about the book are my own.] This … Continue reading

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Celebrating Because It’s Over

All evening today I have seen and heard fireworks as people celebrate the end of 2020. The odds are good that this will continue for some time, for even if it is not the best kind of night, the skies … Continue reading

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An Ordinary Year

One of the more interesting aspects of this year, at least from what others say, is that there is a big hurry on the part for people to see 2020 as over. Whether I am listening to people who judge … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Bad Catholic’s Guide To Good Living

The Bad Catholic’s Guide To Good Living:  A Loving Look At The Lighter Side Of The Catholic Faith, With Recipes For Feasts And Fun, by John Zmirak & Denise Matychowiak Like the other books in this series [1], this is … Continue reading

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An Unusual Fourth

Throughout my life I have had some unusual experiences on the Fourth of July [1].  I have spent them abroad and traveled, and reflected upon a nation that appeared to have everything.  I have used it as a way to … Continue reading

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Days Of The Week

I remember when I was fourteen years old going to a lock-in in Dothan, Alabama with my mother and stepfather.  While playing a lot of sports and dancing, I also remember the sermon that was given during Sabbath services, although … Continue reading

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Although It’s Been Said Many Times, Many Ways

Why are Christmas songs so bad?  This is not to say that there are not any good songs, even for someone like myself who does not celebrate Christmas.  The melodies for classic songs and religious songs, like the melody for … Continue reading

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Goats Behind The Door

[Photo courtesy of jewornotjew.com, in their discussion on Monty Hall.] [Note:  This is the prepared text for a sermonette given to the United Church of God congregation in Portland, Oregon on May 11, 2019.] How many of you here have … Continue reading

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The Effect Of The Rules Of Postponement On The Timing Of Passover And The Feast Of Weeks: A Preliminary Investigation

One of the hazards of being someone who is at least moderately a data nerd is the fact that questions tend to become opportunities for research.  Recently I was chatting with one of our congregation’s deacons as well as with … Continue reading

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Why Do We Need April Fools’ Jokes Anyway?

As I have commented before, I am not fond of April Fool’s jokes for a variety of reasons [1].  For one, I happen to be one of those people who happens to believe that the year should start at this … Continue reading

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