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Book Review: Epidemiology: Principles & Methods

Epidemiology:  Principles & Methods, by Brian MacMahon and Dimitrios Trichopoulos Admittedly, epidemiology is a rather dry subject that most people would not find it very interesting to read about.  Fortunately, or unfortunately perhaps, I am not most people, and one … Continue reading

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On The Logistics Of Creating Your Own Charts

It is easy to criticize a company like Billboard when they make arbitrary decisions about what sort of streaming they consider to be the most important, but creating music charts is not an easy business.  It is a lot harder … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Manga Guide To Databases

The Manga Guide To Databases, by Mana Takahashi and Shoko Azuma Having read one of these books before, I was cautiously optimistic that this book would be both entertaining and instructive and I found that to be the case.  In … Continue reading

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A Pareto Analysis Of Commissions Processing

For those who are unaware, my day job is as a data/commissions analyst for an insurance brokerage, where I make reports that no one reads and process commissions that, on the contrary, everyone cares about a great deal.  For a … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Story Of Measurement

The Story Of Measurement, by Andrew Robinson I am not sure the extent to which the author is aware of it, but he engages in an awful lot of doublespeak and it makes this book less enjoyable than it would … Continue reading

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The Effect Of The Rules Of Postponement On The Timing Of Passover And The Feast Of Weeks: A Preliminary Investigation

One of the hazards of being someone who is at least moderately a data nerd is the fact that questions tend to become opportunities for research.  Recently I was chatting with one of our congregation’s deacons as well as with … Continue reading

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There Is A Simple Answer For Everything And It Is Inevitably Wrong

Not long ago, I received a message on twitter from an acquaintance of mine who gave himself a particularly ironic nickname.  He commented that my discussion on the deeper meaning of the Book Of Job [1] was pointless because the … Continue reading

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The Incompetent Pollsters Of New Caledonia

Although the attention of most of the people I happen to know this week was on the election here in the United States, about which I have little that I want to say, there was another momentous election that happened … Continue reading

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The Mysterious Case Of @ChartData

Who is @chartdata?  As someone who probably spends more time on Twitter than is probably good for me, one of the many feeds I follow is one by Chart Data that posts information about songs and albums and artists that … Continue reading

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Book Review: Attacking Poverty In The Developing World

Attacking Poverty In The Developing World:  Christian Practitioners And Academics In Collaboration, edited by Judith M. Dean, Julie Schaffner, and Stephen L.S. Smith It is unclear exactly to which audience this book is aimed.  In reading this book I found … Continue reading

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