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Album Review: Train

Train was the first album by the band Train [1], some of whose singles I became familiar with as a student in college. This particular album was a hit somewhat out of left field, going platinum and spawning the top … Continue reading

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Album Review: For Me, It’s You

It should be obvious to most of my readers that I am a fan of Train [1]. This particular album came out in 2006, at a particularly crucial time in my life, and it is an example of an album … Continue reading

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Book Review: Divergent

Divergent, by Veronica Roth The “about the author” text on the back envelope of the book states that Ms. Roth wrote the stories that became this book, the first volume of her dystopian trilogy about young people rebelling against their … Continue reading

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The Constitution Writers

When I was a teenager, I played in various text-based roleplaying games, and one of the interests I had both in and out of character was the writing of constitutions. This may seem to be an odd interest, as most … Continue reading

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May You Enter This House A Guest, And Leave It A Friend

It is no surprise at all that I enjoy a good dinner party [1], and today I had a chance to be an early guest at the new place of a couple of people that I know from church. They … Continue reading

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Book Review: Stalling For Time

Stalling For Time: My Life As An FBI Negociator, by Gary Noesner I was loaned this book last Sabbath a fellow member of the congregation who enjoys reading as well [1], and found this book to be thankfully short (only … Continue reading

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Concert Review: Mosby – 06-26-2014 – St. Helens, Oregon (Columbia View Amphitheater)

Last night, on an overcast evening in St. Helens, local alt-rock band Mosby played three sets worth of music to a small and tame but attentive audience of people attending this week’s concert as part of the 13 Days of … Continue reading

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Today In History, On June 28th, 1914, The World Went Mad

June 28th is St. Vitus’ Day, and the anniversary of the Battle of Kosovo, where in a hard-fought battle the medieval Serbian monarchy lost against the rising power of the Ottoman Empire. The battle itself was not as decisive as … Continue reading

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Book Review: A Mad Catastrophe

A Mad Catastrophe: The Outbreak of World War I and the Collapse of the Habsburg Empire, by Geoffrey Wawro This book fills a niche that many people, even those who are students of World War I [1], may not even … Continue reading

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While The World Sleeps Under Lead-Gray Skies

Today I began an earlier shift that requires me to be awake before 5AM. As most anyone who knows me knows, I am someone who is quite naturally a bit of an insomniac, who finds it fear easier to stay … Continue reading

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