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Book Review: Goodnight, Darth Vader

Goodnight, Darth Vader, by Jeffrey Brown In this entertaining book we see a side of Darth Vader that one does not see in the Star Wars movies, namely trying to get his young children to sleep.  While it is clear … Continue reading

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Waking Up In Terror (After Vern Rutsala)

Was I shot this time or carried up In a tornado and tossed along like A bale of hay, or was I shot to death By some horrible gang.  I can’t Remember, I think to myself as I find the … Continue reading

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God Gives To His Beloved Sleep

For a variety of reasons I have often looked at Psalm 127 and its importance (often alongside Psalm 128) [1].  Although Psalm 127 is short, it touches on a lot of themes that are of deep personal interest to me, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Hotel Insomnia: Poems

Hotel Insomnia:  Poems, by Charles Simic Having read about half a dozen or so of the author’s books before getting to this one, it was little surprise that this book would deal so heavily in one of the topics that … Continue reading

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The Effects Of Long-Term Sleep Deprivation On Indo-Surinamese Taxicab Drivers: A Case Study

When you are a captive audience, so to speak, for someone for some period of time, it allows you to gain a great deal of insight into their thinking and way of operating.  Now, it will come as little surprise … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sleep Thieves

Sleep Thieves:  An Eye-Opening Exploration Into The Science & Mysteries Of Sleep, by Stanley Coren This book could have been a lot less enjoyable given the author’s approach as a committed believer in evolution, given my own thoughts about that, … Continue reading

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Book Review: Healing Night

Healing Night:  The Science And Spirit Of Sleeping, Dreaming, And Awakening, by Rubin R. Naiman As someone whose sleep problems are pretty openly acknowledged [1], I frequently read books that talk about sleep.  Most of the books, quite sensibly, talk … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sleep Smarter

Sleep Smarter:  21 Essential Strategies To Sleep Your Way To A Better Body, Better Health, And Bigger Success, by Shawn Stevenson I have mixed feelings about this book and the approach of the author.  Reading this book is akin to … Continue reading

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The Curious Connection Between Daylight Savings Time And Military History

As someone who tends to find curious connections between a great deal of phenomena and military history [1] and someone who is remarkably critical about Daylight Savings Time [2], I think it would be worthwhile today to discuss the connection … Continue reading

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On Every Corner You Turn There’s A Heartache

This morning I woke up while it was still dark with the sound of a windstorm racing through the neighborhood.  Every once in a while the lonely sound of sirens [1] would sound through the early morning as some emergency … Continue reading

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