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A Documentary Hypothesis

Within the last few months, we have been treated to what seemed at first to be a politically motivated attack on a former president over the status of classified documents that he had the authority–whether or not he had used … Continue reading

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First Impressions Of Victoria, British Colombia

Before yesterday, I had never been to Victoria before.  Now, for a brief period of a few hours I had been in British Colombia, waiting at the Vancouver airport for a flight to take me to Portland [1], but I … Continue reading

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Are We Different Stones In The Same Building?

Were you thinking of what Paul said when he told the brethren of Ephesus and neighboring congregations that we were being put together as stones on the foundation of the Apostles and prophets when you wrote your lengthy allegory comparing … Continue reading

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I Guess I’ll Sit Around And Indoctrinate

I must admit that as a reader early on in life I progressed very early to literature that was very serious.  Still, various reasons have kept me from time to time reading and appreciating literature written to and about young … Continue reading

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And The Hits Keep Coming

There is a saying that lightning never strikes the same place once, but that saying is even a bad one by the standard of bad urban legends.  Early in his political career, Abraham Lincoln made political hay of the fact … Continue reading

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Just Another World That’s Falling Down

I am painfully aware that in certain circles it is not exactly sufficiently cool to admit that I am fond of Peter Cetera’s solo career.  Visions of gloriously cheesy 80’s or of his bracing high tenor music [1] enter people’s … Continue reading

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A Hidden Price

It can be all too tempting for us to look to one particular event or issue as defining our lives. As a student of 19th century history, for example, I have spent a great deal of time studying the Civil … Continue reading

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Clark College Graduation: A Live Blogging Experiment

Tonight I am at the graduation ceremony for a couple of my friends here in Ridgefield, and I thought it would be worthwhile to do an experiment with live blogging.  Here goes it. 3:45pm – Left work early today because … Continue reading

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Even While We Sleep, We Will Find You Acting On Your Best Behavior

About five minutes or so ago I took a small dose of herbal melatonin, to use myself (as is often the case) as an experiment in finding aids to sleep given the fact that my mind tends to race and … Continue reading

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A Little Too Complicated

So, today, when I came home from work, I wrote the following complaint e-mail to the UPS Store about my experience at one of their stores during lunch: This afternoon during my lunch break from work I went to the … Continue reading

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