Don’t Push The B Button

As someone who engages fairly regularly in internet flame wars, largely because I combine a high tolerance for conflict and a competitive spirit with an extroverted thinking approach that compels me to externalize my thinking process, especially in writing where I am vastly more fluent a writer than I am a speaker concerning subjects of emotional importance, I wish to give advice to those who wish to participate in my blog’s very lengthy conversation. I do not wish people to be afraid to comment merely because they do not wish to face a witheringly harsh reply. So therefore, this page is being added as a sort of terms of service for participating in conversations on my blog, which I strongly encourage. Following the simple and straightforward instructions given here will ensure both of us a fruitful conversation and will prevent your posts from being maliciously edited or deleted by the editor, moi.

If you wish to comment on my blog, or on Facebook (where I post my blogs for the convenience of my friends, family members, and acquaintances who are not among my blog’s few dozen subscribers), the first rule that you must remember to have fruitful and lengthy discussions is that this blog is mine. I am responsible for its content, either by writing it or by reposting what others say that I happen to agree with. Your freedom of speech is therefore limited to what I find acceptable. I do not find swearing, personal insults, or sacreligious behavior remotely acceptable. If you cannot control your tongue, your offending posts will either be edited, trashed, or spammed by yours truly. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

I tolerate a great deal of speculation, and a wide range of discussion of intellectual matters, and am tolerant to perspectives that differ from my own, in general. However, I do not tolerate one iota of personal disrespect. I have no tolerance whatsoever for those who will not respect me and my views. If you cannot abide by that, then you have no business replying to my blog at all. This blog is my land and is subject to my rules. I enforce lese majeste on my blog and will remove all content that is personally disrespectful or insulting to me. As a result of the high standard of respect I demand for myself, I also strive to show respect to others who post as well, a task that is much easier when they are respectful toward me.

I would also like to refer those people who may not understand “buttons” not to push to the page entitled “An Introduction Of Sorts” to note a few of the areas of potential land mines. Insults directed at Christians, Jews, conservatives, men, people who are from the Appalachian regions of the United States or were raised in the South, poor people, or making general broad sweeping stereotypical judgments in general is likely to result in editing or removal of posts. In addition, insulting those institutions or individuals to which I have personal loyalty is also likely to be dealt with in a summarily harsh manner.

Should you manage to avoid such obvious buttons, you are likely to find this a very tolerant and warm place for personal interaction on a wide variety of subjects. But the 11th commandment of “Thou shalt not insult the moderator” is strictly enforced here, and the sooner and more completely you internalize that rule the longer and more fruitful your time on this blog will be. I hope you enjoy yourself reading my thoughts and musings, as they fill several books worth of material at this point with more (almost) every day.

7 Responses to Don’t Push The B Button

  1. tyler says:

    whoa whoa whoa… whoa! you mean to tell me that internet users who read blogs would post personal attacks rude language and ignorant bigoted statements with disregard for the feelings of those who might be hurt or worse yet learn it is somehow acceptable to do likewise?

    sarcasm aside; such is the world we live in eh? i for one am usually up for a good argument. When you have no basis for an argument, abuse the plaintiff. -Cicero

    it seems to me, if you have to stoop to insults and swearing keep in mind that you have already lost the argument and the right to make it moreover you make people who would otherwise agree with you loose credibility if they do not begin by apologizing for your ignorance.

    • Indeed, to stoop to insults and foul language is to basically lose the argument on a rational level, but many people are willing to do so as long as their foul language is posted online for their troll friends to laugh at and find amusement in. My warning is that said insults will be removed or edited so that even this infantile pleasure will be denied to them, and to make that warning open and plain.

  2. Greg Smith says:

    thank you We had a service for my dad tonight. The sons of martha was his favoroite poem. You helped me understand it. Greg

  3. This made me smile, and I agree with it. I am following the same policy when it comes to comments on my blog.

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