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On The Strange Exile Of Hans Neimann

As a rising young superstar in the world of chess, things seemed to be going up and up for Hans Neimann in the early 2020’s. As one of the top-ranked junior chess players in the world, 2021 found Hans Neimann … Continue reading

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No One Is Above The Law

There are many slogans that look good on paper but which in reality prove to be far more troubling than would first appear to the case for those whose intellectual depth is no more serious than hashtags of the current … Continue reading

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Can’t Take A Verdict

Over the last few weeks there has been a lengthy trial for two counts of murder that pitted a disgraced aristocratic South Carolina attorney against the bloviating forces of the state, with the result that the accused was convicted of … Continue reading

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The Enemies Of Our Existence

Earlier today I was watching some online videos about Columbo, a popular series mainly (but not only) in the 1970’s that had a particular approach to it. In the show, the audience knew who (and why) the murder was committed … Continue reading

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The Fool Has Said In His Heart

[Note: This is the prepared text for a sermonette given to the Portland congregation of the United Church of God on Sabbath, February 11, 2023.] There are times where what appears at first to be mere trivia has a deeper … Continue reading

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A Documentary Hypothesis

Within the last few months, we have been treated to what seemed at first to be a politically motivated attack on a former president over the status of classified documents that he had the authority–whether or not he had used … Continue reading

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Are We To Be Governed by Laws Or Men?

Do laws and rules exist as common standards to govern our conduct, to be enforced as fairly and justly as is possible, or are we to be governed by people based on questions of identity? We have at present in … Continue reading

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No Immunity, No Indemnity

One of the most richly satisfying moments in film history, for me personally, is the moment in the Lethal Weapon franchise when the baddie proclaims “Diplomatic Immunity” immediately before being shot. The moment, which has been heavily anthologized and is … Continue reading

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It’s Almost As If They Want You To Break The Law

One the characteristic aspects of life in a corrupt and tyrannical state is the problem of entrapment. It was the habit, for example, of the Jacobean and Elizabethan police state in England to use police spies as agent provocateurs to … Continue reading

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Anticipation Makes Me Wait

For the second time in the six years or so I have been a court appointed special advocate for children in the county where I live, I have eagerly anticipated a contested trial between a parent dissatisfied with the change … Continue reading

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