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Don’t Touch My Water, Or, How To Radicalize Your Essential Employees

This morning when I arrived at work I found that the break room had a sign on the door that said that until further notice the breakroom, including the water dispensers, was closed until further notice as part of the … Continue reading

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Ler Sem Comprender

Let me begin with a story.  This past Sabbath I was supposed to give a sermonette in place of someone who was visiting out of town.  I had received an e-mail message earlier in the week mentioning that there was … Continue reading

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Book Review: Arrested

Arrested:  What To Do When Your Loved One Is In Jail, by Wes Denham This book is surprisingly entertaining.  Generally speaking, jail is not a very funny subject, although plenty of comedies play on the fears that jail and prison … Continue reading

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Obscure Hungers

Yesterday, one of the deacons of our congregation gave a sermon that I got to witness in person as we were filming at the home of another deacon’s family.  One of the aspects that was discussed in the message was … Continue reading

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What Makes A Bad Team Bad?

Often times we tend to want to think of success and look at how teams succeed and then do our best to mimic them.  That said, sometimes there is a great deal of worth in thinking about what makes a … Continue reading

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Make Your Mama Proud

For their first album, Fastball recorded a song that explored the problems of a young man to be courageous and to deal with his life in a fashion that would make his mama proud, because to do otherwise would be … Continue reading

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On Cold Cases And Plague Victims

For those who are not aware [1], I am a particular fan of Genetic Genealogy.  Like many people, I greatly enjoy finding out my relationship with such obscure people as a 1360 Netherlands Plague Victim, and finding out that quite … Continue reading

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Learn To Swim People: Insights From The Medieval Death Bot

For those who are unaware, the Medieval Death Bot is one of the more entertaining bots on Twitter, giving a random death that has been recorded from the death records of the 14th century.  It is strangely humorous to talk … Continue reading

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Comrade Britney, Or The Subtle Problems Of Envy

One of the more ridiculous news stories yesterday was that Britney Spears, noted singer, declared an interest in the redistribution of wealth.  This statement prompted a wide variety of socialists to cheer on that she had expressed a commitment to … Continue reading

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Dispatches From Oregon’s Coronavirus Capital

One of the more odd daily habits I have had recently is to look at the posts that one of the local stations posts regarding Coronavirus cases.  Every day the report from the state regarding the locations of positive tests … Continue reading

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