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Learn To Swim People: Insights From The Medieval Death Bot

For those who are unaware, the Medieval Death Bot is one of the more entertaining bots on Twitter, giving a random death that has been recorded from the death records of the 14th century.  It is strangely humorous to talk … Continue reading

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Comrade Britney, Or The Subtle Problems Of Envy

One of the more ridiculous news stories yesterday was that Britney Spears, noted singer, declared an interest in the redistribution of wealth.  This statement prompted a wide variety of socialists to cheer on that she had expressed a commitment to … Continue reading

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Dispatches From Oregon’s Coronavirus Capital

One of the more odd daily habits I have had recently is to look at the posts that one of the local stations posts regarding Coronavirus cases.  Every day the report from the state regarding the locations of positive tests … Continue reading

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Adventures In Logistics: Coronavirus Edition

I have long puzzled over and been intrigued by problems of logistics, and even in times like these logistics proves to be among the most important aspects of our lives.  Today I would like to examine some of the ways … Continue reading

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On Four Types Of Sight

For someone who is as near-sighted as I am, I dwell often on questions of sight.  As the observation of those around me, hopefully from a place of some social distance in these contagious times, is a major hobby of … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal For A Journalist-Based Reality Television Show

Note:  When I am in solitude with nothing but my own mind for company, scary things result, such as this. In the interests of providing entertainment content that may or may not violate the Geneva Convention, I propose a reality … Continue reading

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Postcards From A Coronavirus Leper Colony

If you are alive, you have likely been hearing a lot about Coronavirus over the past few weeks.  I first commented on it somewhat lightheartedly a few weeks ago when commenting on the wedding of a friend of mine [1], … Continue reading

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No Haste To The Wedding

Most of the time in recent years that I have gone to a wedding there has been a great deal of haste involved with it.  There are a variety of reasons for this, which include not leaving enough time to … Continue reading

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Love In The Time Of Coronavirus

It is love that has brought me to Tacoma this weekend.  To be sure, it is not my own love for anyone in particular, at least not of that kind, unless you consider phileo, or the desire to encourage and … Continue reading

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The Facts Don’t Care About Your Feelings

The facts don’t care about your feelings, but we will not regard those who fail to care about our feelings.  It is easy to live life like a harsh edge lord, dispensing unpleasant truth to those who are too sensitive … Continue reading

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