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A Tale Of Two Trees

Those who read this blog may assume that they know which trees I am talking about, but they are mistaken in this case, as there is a story I have in mind that is of a different origin entirely. Recently … Continue reading

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Mankind As A Social Animal

One of the axioms that philosophers tend to point to about mankind is that mankind is a social animal. Indeed, for centuries, the sociability of mankind has furnished a great deal of the interest of certain novels that strive to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Mental Toughness In Chess

Mental Toughness In Chess: Practical Tips To Strengthen Your Mindset At Your Board, by Werner Schweitzer This book is an interesting one in that it is written by someone whose skills at chess are somewhat modest. Nevertheless, this book is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Pseudo-Epileptic Seizures

Pseudo-Epileptic Seizures, edited by Lennart Gram, Svein I. Johannessen, Per Olof Osterman, and Matti Silanpaa In many ways, this particular book gets off on the wrong foot and never manages to fully overcome a negative first impression. Part of the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Life Lessons Learned While Shopping

Life Lessons Learned While Shopping, by Amanda Ford Like many books, this one is aimed at women, because the author appears to assume that only women would be interested in books dealing with the mentality of shopping. And to be … Continue reading

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The Athlete’s Dilemma

In game theory there is a classic game known as the prisoner’s dilemma where two people are faced with the choice of cooperating or defecting. The classic form of the game is a one-round game where both parties cooperating is … Continue reading

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Book Review: Late, Late At Night: A Memoir

Late, Late At Night: A Memoir, by Rick Springfield There is a common thread that runs through the lives of many people involved in entertainment and creative arts in general, and that is a certain relationship with the darkness. In … Continue reading

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Encounter At Isla Uvita: Part Two

Admittedly, this is a strange post to be the first thing we hear about dinosaurs, but it suggests that those who created dinosaurs wanted to have an audience that they knew to be friendly. And though he did not know … Continue reading

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Book Review: Reigniting The Spark

Reigniting The Spark: Why Stable Relationships Lose Intimacy, And How To Get It Back, by Dr. Bruce Chalmer [Note: This book was provided free of charge by TCK Publishing in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are … Continue reading

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On Predator And Prey Instincts

We had a sermonette yesterday given by one of the deacons in our congregation, and it dealt with a subject that I have long pondered in one form or another. There are essentially three types of instincts that one can … Continue reading

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