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Book Review: The Best Of Surinamese Cooking

The Best Of Surinamese Cooking, by Muriel Sam-Sin Hewitt This book is surprisingly poignant, mostly because its introductory page includes a note from the editor that says that the author (who had written this book originally in Dutch) did not … Continue reading

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Hobbling Toward Louisiana

One of the appeals of the little hotel I am staying at is the fact that it was close to a Popeye’s Restaurant.  Americans may think that our beloved Louisiana fried chicken franchise is strictly an American one, but in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fields Without Dreams

Fields Without Dreams:  Defending The Agrarian Idea, by Victor Davis Hanson Despite my mixed feelings about the author’s work, I find that he is rarely if ever more appealing than when he is talking about his life as a farmer.  … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sugar Snaps And Strawberries

Sugar Snaps And Strawberries: Simple Solutions For Creating Your Own Small-Space Edible Garden, by Andrea Bellamy This book was certain a great deal different than I thought it would be, but it wasn’t different in a bad way.  I thought … Continue reading

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And If Your Friends Jump In There’ll Be More Dead

I managed to spend most of today enjoying a BBQ and a relaxing bit of napping and conversation with some distant and largely unknown relatives at a place that was rather familiar.  The result was generally enjoyable and amusing.  A … Continue reading

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Who Told You?

[Note:  This is the prepared text for a sermonette given at The Dalles congregation of the United Church of God on August 11, 2018.] I imagine that most of us here are familiar with dinner parties held with other brethren … Continue reading

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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due: Salad Dressing

Salad dressing is something that people like myself take for granted.  Likely you, fair reader, are in the same boat.  You want to eat healthy food and want something for your salad, so you go to the grocery store and … Continue reading

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An Accidental Picnic

How does one have an accidental picnic?  It is worthwhile to discuss the perfect storm that happens.  Some months ago, I visited The Dalles and somewhat idly mentioned to one of the people there that I hoped we would have … Continue reading

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Book Review: Wild Winemaking

Wild Winemaking:  Easy & Adventurous Recipies Going Beyond Grapes, by Richard W. Bender Having read a couple of the author’s books on bonsai, I was intrigued to read this particular volume on winemaking, figuring it would continue his generally enjoyable … Continue reading

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Book Review: Salad Leaves For All Seasons

Salad Leaves For All Seasons:  Organic Growing From Pot To Plot, by Charles Dowding My library had this book presented, and I do not think it was necessarily the best move.  That is not to say that this is a … Continue reading

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