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De Salutare Meum

A few years ago, I worked for someone who claimed to have a great insight in the people he had to deal with concerning the importance of saving face in the local culture.  Indeed, saving face is a widespread human … Continue reading

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On Empathy And Reasoning By Analogy

Yesterday evening I found it strangely ironic (if not hypocritical) that a proud Armenian who likely curses the Turks for their genocide of his people expressed the belief that people hate Jews because they deserve it.  Blaming the victim has … Continue reading

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On The Supply And Demand Of Racism

It seems strange to think of racism as an economic “good” that has a supply and demand.  Yet we find ourselves in a strange place where people who possess the racism of soft expectations of others grovel and apologize for … Continue reading

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Don’t Touch My Water, Or, How To Radicalize Your Essential Employees

This morning when I arrived at work I found that the break room had a sign on the door that said that until further notice the breakroom, including the water dispensers, was closed until further notice as part of the … Continue reading

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In Praise Of Tone Policing

Among all the beleaguered and assaulted forms of policing in our present evil world, I would like to stand up today in defense of one of the most obscure forms of policing, and that is tone policing.  As anyone who … Continue reading

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Words (Don’t) Get In The Way

There is a distressingly large number of songs and writings that seek to attack the verbal content of communication by badmouthing words as a means of communication.  Sometimes this badmouthing is a sign of frustration, as in the song “Words … Continue reading

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Book Review: Healing Family Relationships

Healing Family Relationships:  A Guide To Peace & Reconciliation, by Rob Rienow [Note:  This book was provided free of charge by Bethany Books.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.] It is unsurprising that a book like this exists.  Many … Continue reading

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Ler Sem Comprender

Let me begin with a story.  This past Sabbath I was supposed to give a sermonette in place of someone who was visiting out of town.  I had received an e-mail message earlier in the week mentioning that there was … Continue reading

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Book Review: Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid’s Arrow:  The Course Of Love Through Time, by Robert J. Sternberg After spending a lot of time writing about creativity, the author made a mid-career sort of switch into writing about love.  The results were mixed and this book … Continue reading

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Privilege: A Problematic Paradigm: Issues And Alternatives: Part One

Over the past few days I have been, like many other people, plagued by well-meaning but entirely misguided and wrong-thinking calls on the part of people and companies to check privilege and work to become better at overcoming supposed structural … Continue reading

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