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The Insufferable Chumminess Of Insiders

The Feast of Tabernacles of 1994 was my worst feast ever. I spent half of the feast in my hotel room puking into a basin and unable to keep any food down, which will sour my mood anytime. When I … Continue reading

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So Often, We See What We Are

One of my more esoteric interests is the decipherment of ancient and unknown scripts. As someone who has spent an excessive amount of my own life writing, giving a voice to an intellectual and emotional and spiritual life that is … Continue reading

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No Matter How The Dice Roll, Someone Else Always Gets To Call The Number

Is Drake a fan of the Bee Gees? We know, for example, that the Bee Gees were fans of the Beatles, enough to be a part of a pretty terrible movie made from one of their concept albums. One of … Continue reading

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Awkwardly Socially Distant From Disaster

Over the past eighteen months or so I have had many opportunities to muse to myself (and occasionally to others) about the disastrous state of life in the age of Covid, and how it is that the response of maladroit … Continue reading

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Bringing It All Home

One of the themes that I appreciate about the messages of this particular Feast of Tabernacles, and one that was especially in evidence in the final message yesterday (as I write this just before breakfast) was the need to bring … Continue reading

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Understandable, Have A Nice Day

What is memorable and notable about mundane and ordinary interactions? Today I went to a place that I regularly go to in order to enjoy a nice meal and a good view of a football game, and as is often … Continue reading

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A Man In Search Of His Lost Ferret

Yesterday at church I had one of those occasional odd but memorable experiences with someone that happens from time to time in the Portland area and (truth be told) outside of it as well. As a writer, one of my … Continue reading

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On The External Conditions Of Creativity

I spend a fair amount of time thinking about the context of writing and creativity in general. As someone who is relatively creative in my approach, and with a strong personal voice, I try to understand why it is I … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want To Hear About It

How does one protect oneself from unwanted and intrusive communication? For the past few years I have become increasingly bothered by the sorts of advertisements I have gotten, to the point where I have deliberately sought as much as possible … Continue reading

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Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide

A few days ago I came across a relatively recent interview with the actor who had played the titular role on a television show I do not remember hearing about when it was on television for three years, namely “Ned’s … Continue reading

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