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Shared Context And The Length Of Writings

As someone who reads a lot of books, I tend to notice a great deal in the way of patterns when I read them.  Some of the books I read are short, and many of them have a somewhat average … Continue reading

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Got A Hold On Me

It took me a while to notice the young woman.  The first time I saw her walk past my peripheral line of sight outside of the restaurant where I was eating dinner with a couple of other people, I thought … Continue reading

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If It Takes All Night

During the fighting of the Overland Campaign of 1864, Ulysses S. Grant is reported to have said to President Lincoln that he proposed to fight it out along that line all summer if necessary to defeat rebel armies led by … Continue reading

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One More Story

Last night was the last dinner club meeting [1] for our particular group, and I had made the theme of food with a story.  Since I enjoy both food and hearing and telling stories, I figured it would make the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Copenhagen

Copenhagen, by Michael Frayn Those who know me are well aware of my own tendency to chronicle and overanalyze my frequent awkward conversations [1].  This play is basically the attempt through research and analysis to provide a decisive interpretation of … Continue reading

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The Lout’s Tale

One of the earliest pieces of classic literature from Middle English is the sprawling and epic Canterbury Tales, written by Geoffrey Chaucer.  Drawing upon a genre of literature that was common at the time where people of varied and disparate … Continue reading

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Book Review: Dealing With People You Can’t Stand

Dealing With People You Can’t Stand:  How To Bring Out The Best In People At Their Worst, by Dr. Rick Brinkman and Dr. Rick Kirschner In reading this book I was struck by a very powerful set of mixed feelings. … Continue reading

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Writer In The Dark

Earlier this week, Lorde [1] released her sophomore album, Melodrama, and at least from what I have seen the reviews are pretty good.  I must admit I hope to review the album at some point myself, as I find confessional … Continue reading

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Some Days Are Better Than Others

I had some plans for today.  I had thought that I would be spending the late morning and early afternoon in Salem, but unfortunately that was not in the cards when I spent the first eight hours or so I … Continue reading

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As a college student one of my acquaintances introduced me to the website for Homestar Runner [1].  Being fond of things that are silly, I found much to enjoy on the website.  One of the characters, Strongbad, answered fake e-mails … Continue reading

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