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Eurovision is commonly thought of as a lightweight pop song competition where, at best, one ends up with a lighthearted and whimsical performance like that of ABBA’s winning entry in 1974, “Waterloo,” where the band dressed for their performance in … Continue reading

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Fragmented Book Reviews: Part Five

[Note: This post is part of my series of book reviews on books that are too short to have their own blog post, because I have enough blog review posts as it is.] Sparta’s Shame: The Battle of Sphacteria And … Continue reading

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Friendly Skies

In life, we often take it for granted that the skies we fly on are friendly ones. Last night I kissed and hugged my mom farewell and she went off back home to Florida on a redeye flight. She took … Continue reading

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Before They Come Knocking On Your Door

Given the history of the Jews in Eastern Europe, the somewhat conflicting stories about a request for registration with the quisling Russian-supported government of Eastern Ukraine would lead to alarm from a population that has seen this movie before [1]. … Continue reading

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Trapped In A Cul-De-Sac Of Our Own Making

Today, in the midst of my other activities and concerns, I reflected a great deal on the Russian invasion of Crimea [1] and why it has happened. What would make a Russia that had just finished basking in the glow … Continue reading

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Divided By Design

For a long while I have been intrigued and concerned by what is going on in Ukraine. For months I have read articles that have tried to explain, in layman’s terms, what is going on for those who do not … Continue reading

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