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Politics And The Category Problem

I have always been deeply interested in politics, and also fascinated by how problematic it is to so many people.  A great deal of my own interest in politics is not practical in nature, since I have little particular interest … Continue reading

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Book Review: Anarchy, State, And Utopia

Anarchy, State, And Utopia, by Robert Nozick In many ways this particular book is a fascinating look into the mind of someone who is consciously addressing various contemporary political theories relating to justice and the just state and seeking to … Continue reading

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What Kind Of World Do You Want?

I have commented before on the music of Five For Fighting both explicitly [1] and implicitly [2], but one of the biggest hits the singer/songwriter had was a pleasant little tune called “World” where he asked the listener “what kind … Continue reading

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L’ètat Actuel Des Choses Est Problèmatique

One of the more puzzling features of our lives is that we have a phenomenon known as company manners by which those who know us only a little bit see the best of us, and those who know us well … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Child Whisperer

The Child Whisperer:  The Ultimate Handbook For Raising Happy, Successful, Cooperative Children, by Carol Tuttle This book is one of a set of books about personality theory relating to children that I was recommended by a friend of mine.  Being … Continue reading

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A View Of The Institutional Framework Of The Composition And Publication Of The Psalms

In our intensely individualistic age, anyone with an opinion, some kind of keyboard or keypad, and an internet connection can share their opinions and thoughts and feelings with anyone who is inclined to read them. Whether we are sharing our … Continue reading

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A Cinderella Story

Most men (myself included) do not identify particularly well with the story of Cinderella. We do not lie awake at night dreaming of marrying a prince and planning what sort of ballgown we will use to snare our intended. On … Continue reading

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Tell ‘Em That It’s Human Nature

It is little surprise that philosophers of all stripes, from musicians to theologians, have sought to deal with the subject of human nature. In looking at musicians, for example, some artists are remarkable up front about their philosophical inclinations. The … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: Found In Translation

Recently I was able to read some very intriguing and quirky news about Somaliland, and as is my fashion, I thought it would be good to pass that news along to my readers. The first of the stories is a … Continue reading

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