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An Introduction To The Una Natura Project

From time to time I like to deal with controversial or at least potentially controversial questions about doctrine relating to the Church of God culture I am a part of.  Although I do not chime in on every debate, and … Continue reading

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How Did I Get Here?

Recently, one of the loyal readers of this blog asked me a rather simple set of questions that is nonetheless rather complicated to answer: who I am, how did I get where I am, and where is God taking me. … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The Seven General Epistles

Though none of the books of the Renewed Covenant (or “New Testament”) are as obscure as some books of the Hebrew scriptures (or “Old Testament”), like Obadiah or Nahum, the books of the General Epistles are far more often maligned … Continue reading

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An Introduction To The Sons of Korah

I became interested in the Sons of Korah almost unknowingly. As a child of ten or eleven, in my first Bible, a red hardback New King James Version of the Bible, I wrote in the Table of Contents the page … Continue reading

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A Personal Introduction To The Students At Legacy

My name is Ajan Nathan Albright, and I will be teaching here at Legacy Insitute this year. I thought it would be good for you all to know a little bit more about me and where I come from as … Continue reading

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Time Well Wasted: An Introduction

[Note:  Among the many completed and unpublished manuscripts I have in my collection of writings in a collection of essays from my Norwich University experience.  The following entry is the short essay I wrote to introduce that series of essays, … Continue reading

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A Question For My Readers

Given that my “about” and “an introduction of sorts” pages attract some visitors, is there anything that those who read my blog feel is missing from my descriptions that is vital or important to explain to someone reading those pages … Continue reading

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The Biblical Origin of War: Genesis 3:15 and the Two Seeds

Having, in my series on the biblical way of war, previously talked about the origins of war [1], I thought it worthwhile to examine the Bible’s first mention of strife or warfare and its implications for us today.  Once we … Continue reading

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A Modest Proposal For The Development of Focused Education Programs in the United Church of God

The following is the second part of today’s musing on the subject of the focused education programs of the United Church of God.  While the first part focused on the aspect of how focused education can serve as part of … Continue reading

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A Musing on the Purposes of Christian Fantasy Through the Works of C.S. Lewis

Though there might be some people who do not believe that fantasy literature can be truly Christian, the example of C.S. Lewis remains very valid.  Here was a popular theologian, whose work Mere Christianity is a classic apologetic of the … Continue reading

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