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Book Review: The Road To Rescue: The Untold Story Of Schindler’s List

The Road To Rescue:  The Untold Story Of Schindler’s List, by Mietek Pemper This book is a fascinating example of the sort of tell-all memoir that seeks to correct misunderstandings in the aftermath of something that is culturally significant, namely … Continue reading

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Let Bygones Be Bygones And So On And So On

For the past few days I have been treated to a lot of laughing about Poland’s attempts to gain nearly $1 trillion in reparations from Germany over World War II.  To be sure, Poland did suffer a lot from both … Continue reading

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Book Review: There Once Was A World

There Once Was A World: A 900-Year Chronicle Of The Shetl Of Eishyshok, by Yaffa Eliach It is easy to tell that this history was written by an archivist and not a historian because of its approach. At 700 pages … Continue reading

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Visegrad: An Alternative Prophetic Fulfillment

Though many people would little suspect it, I have a great personal interest in prophecy, little suspected because I have spent far too many years of my life dealing with people whose continual half-baked speculations on end-time prophecy were designed … Continue reading

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