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Book Review: The Last Battle

The Last Battle: When U.S. and German Soldiers Joined Forces in the Waning Hours of World War II in Europe, by Stephen Harding I heard of this book first less than a week ago, when a fellow Norwich University alum … Continue reading

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On Children And War

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link containing a report about children and war, written by some UN bureaucrats about the scourge of young people whose lives have been traumatized by war [1]. The involvement of children in war is … Continue reading

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Rebuilding The Ruins

I would like to begin my message today with a short series of questions. How do you think that the people of the early millennium will feel when they have rebuilt the ruins and build their cities? How have people … Continue reading

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A Sense Of Legacy

Today Legacy Institute had the pleasure of an extended visit from a young woman (probably in her early thirties by this point) who had taught in about 2003-2004, had a master’s degree in biomedical science, and is studying international medicine … Continue reading

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Time Well Wasted: An Introduction

[Note:  Among the many completed and unpublished manuscripts I have in my collection of writings in a collection of essays from my Norwich University experience.  The following entry is the short essay I wrote to introduce that series of essays, … Continue reading

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What It Takes To Write A Norwich Capstone Paper

Today I saw on my blog site statistics that someone had come to this blog looking for Norwich capstone papers.  I’m not sure precisely why, but for someone to do so they would have almost certainly been students at Norwich … Continue reading

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A Musing On Recommendations

Sometimes you find out a lot more about someone, and reveal a lot more about yourself, as a graduate student when you look for recommendations.  For anyone who has applied to graduate school, and often even undergraduate programs, there was … Continue reading

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The Prestige: Some Thoughts on an Arcane Subject

[Note:  This post was originally written on February 17, 2010, and gives some insight on the research I undertook in my master’s degree studies in military history at Norwich University.] As I have just turned in my final draft for … Continue reading

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