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Piglet In A Pen

One of the more unusual aspects of the annual kids’ rodeo hosted by our congregation’s pastor (which I usually personally label by his name) is the fact that even though we are a people who have nothing to do with … Continue reading

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A Night Among Frens

Right now, as I write this, I have been enjoying the friendly croaking of frogs nearby, who appear to be enjoying some sort of damp and cozy space. Since my youth I have associated the croaking of frogs to be … Continue reading

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Closed From The Animals

One would think that on an island as modestly sized as Guam is that it would not be easy to hide a zoo. Yet Guam has a zoo–a private one at least–that is so inconspicuous that when I walked by … Continue reading

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In The Valley Of The Standing Platforms

How is it that a river valley became known for standing platforms in the first place in the southern part of Guam, when such standing platforms were apparently once a much more common phenomenon? As is often the case in … Continue reading

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Fantastic Squirrels And Where To Find Them

I spent this weekend, from Passover to this evening, at the home of some close friends of mine in the country. Among the more interesting aspects of country life is dealing with animals. Sometime one deals with them from afar, … Continue reading

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On The Feeding Of Reindeer And Alpacas

Today I spent a fair bit of time this afternoon both going to and from a place where more than sixty of t he people who went to the Feast of Tabernacles in Anchorage, Alaska. This place happened to be … Continue reading

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Flying Low Over A Moose Dance Party

Today continued the streak of messages that dealt with the reign of God over the universe in an excellent and thought provoking sermonette that discussed a point that had come up in a conversation with a longtime friend that commented … Continue reading

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A Man In Search Of His Lost Ferret

Yesterday at church I had one of those occasional odd but memorable experiences with someone that happens from time to time in the Portland area and (truth be told) outside of it as well. As a writer, one of my … Continue reading

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Lessons In Framing From A Lobster

Recently I decided to check out the music video for the current Dua Lipa single “We’re Good,” and it struck me in watching the video that there is a lobster in this music video that is very sympathetically framed. I … Continue reading

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Book Review: Quotes From Goats

Quotes From Goats: Home Is Where The Herd Is, by Dan Monteiro My feelings about goats are admittedly a bit ambivalent, and this book does a good job at pointing out that ambivalence in a humorous and lighthearted way. By … Continue reading

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