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A Prison Of The Mind: A Musing On Education

How hard is it to tell a story? I do not mean reading out of a book, or reciting back what one has heard from their teacher, in poll parrot fashion, but coming up with an original story. It depends … Continue reading

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I Waited On The Lord My God

I am not hesitant at all to complain about hymns that I find somewhat lacking in scriptural depth [1], and it is not often that I am surprised by finding a new (to me) hymn of transcendent beauty from a … Continue reading

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I, Tertius, Wrote This Epistle: A Musing On The Language Of The Renewed Covenant Texts

Who is Tertius, and why does he matter? For students of the Bible interested in very obscure facts, Tertius is the scribe who wrote Romans for Paul. He shows up in Romans 16:22, which reads: “I, Tertius, who wrote this … Continue reading

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Psalm 129: Yet They Have Not Prevailed Against Me

Sometimes the thoughts one has about a Bible verse has a lot to do with context and situation. This weekend I have been engaged in a conversation with friends about the sort of treatment one has for those who are … Continue reading

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On The Ten Commandments

[Note: Today I am going to share with you all a slight adaptation of one of my lectures for my History of the Old Testament class, and I hope that it may be instructive for all of you as well:] … Continue reading

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On The Appeal Of Gnosticism

No one ever says that they are gnostic. Nonetheless, gnosticism has been a problem largely from the beginning of Christianity and has remained a problem throughout, largely because gnosticism is Satan’s classic tool for combating the (difficult) truths of Christianity. … Continue reading

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On The Implications Of Causality In Mental Trauma

Today I would like to discuss a matter of great importance regarding the brain, and give a modest proposal about how this matter could be understood in a scientific manner. I give warning at the outset that this entry is … Continue reading

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It Shall Not Be So Among You

People have many incorrect ideas about leadership, and how leaders are to behave, and often many of these people seek to support their ideas from scripture. Even though not all of us here have title or offices, we are all … Continue reading

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The African Union And The Arab League

The recent apparent flight of Gaddafi from Tripoli, though not the end of the conflict between the rebel forces and his regime, signifies a new stage where the rebel forces will not have to transition into a functioning government in … Continue reading

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Book Review: Another Chance

Another Chance: Hope And Health For The Alcoholic Family, by Sharon Wegscheider Cruse Warning: This book does not make for pleasant reading. If you come from a family where alcoholism and other types of abuse have run rampant for generations … Continue reading

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