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Restaurant Review: Queen Of Sheba Ethiopian/Eritrean Restaurant

Last night (as I write this), some friends and I ended up going out to eat at an Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant that we had tried to go to earlier on our own but had found to be closed on Mondays and … Continue reading

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Book Review: In Search Of King Solomon’s Mines

In Search Of King Solomon’s Mines, by Tahir Shah Who knew that the search for the legendary gold mines of Ophir of King Solomon could be a family quest that included the author as well as his father and grandfather?  … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Throne Of Adulis

[Note: This book was the subject of a non-book review earlier [1], but since the book review was not accepted by the journal which originally sent me the book for reasons that the book was not enough of a military … Continue reading

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Beggar Thy Neighbor

One of the ways that one can tell that a scarcity mindset is in place is when there are actions taken that “beggar thy neighbor” instead of working together. When resources are plentiful enough to share, then the ability to … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: The Space Between

In today’s Somaliland update I would like to examine the space between the business climate within Somaliland (and its neighbors) and the perspective of the world on those areas. We have a helpful guide into this problem through the eyes … Continue reading

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Book Review: Sabbath Roots: The African Connection

Sabbath Roots: The African Connection, by Charles E. Bradford A book like this is supremely frustrating to review. What makes it frustrating is its combination of both excellent and awful historiography, a combination of an eloquent defense of the Sabbath … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: State Visit To China Pays Immediate Dividends To Somaliland Infrastructure

Two weeks ago, Somaliland247 announced that Somaliland President Ahmed Silanyo was leading a high-level ministerial delegation on a trip to China [1]. Normally, a trip like this, which was promised to help Somaliland’s economic ties with China, is going to … Continue reading

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Somaliland Update: SYANA Gets Busy, South Sudan Invite Pays Diplomatic Dividends

Even though the last Somaliland update was not that along ago [1], there has been a fair amount of interesting news, so I thought it worthwhile to update again, even after less than a week. We will be looking today … Continue reading

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Today In History: On May 18, 1991, Somaliland Became A Nation For The Second Time

If a nation declares its independence, and successfully holds its territory for two decades, engaging in peaceful internal elections, developing its people and resources, and even participating in ongoing regional security efforts, doesn’t that make it a nation?  If not, … Continue reading

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An Exercise In Ethnology

Longtime readers of my blog will be well aware of my blog’s interest in questions of ethnicity, which at their basis are studies in identity.  In our nationalistic world we tend to think of “nations” or “peoples” as the fundamental … Continue reading

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