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Dodging A Bullet

It’s very fortunate for me, I suppose, that I do not get my news via television here in Thailand. As an internet addict someone who is on the computer a lot, I tend to get my news online. Earlier this … Continue reading

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Don’t Panic

On December 26, 2004, a 9.1 earthquake off the coast of Sumatra led to a massive tsunami across the entire northern half of the Indian Ocean that killed tens of thousands of people. Having had a few requests for information … Continue reading

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Why Do Governments Get Blamed For Natural Disasters?

One of the illogical, but seemingly constant, facets of life is to read articles like this one [1] where governments are blamed for natural disasters. While it might be satisfying to take a cheap shot at Pakistan for such unrealistic … Continue reading

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In Harm’s Way

Updated 03/12/2011 After the recent quake off the coast of Japan, I have watched with considerable concern the problem of two nuclear plants that are near the epicenter of the quake.  Over the course of the day the news coming … Continue reading

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