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Hotel Review: Sunset Shores

Sunset Shores, Villa Bay, St. Vincent and the Grenadines In order to review this hotel fairly, considering it was the hotel we stayed at and which hosted the Feast of Tabernacles in St. Vincent, I would like to begin with … Continue reading

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The Island That Loves Michael Bolton

One of the more odd aspects of my time here in St. Vincent so far is the way that the island has shown itself to be fans of Michael Bolton.  How is this so?  Let me recount the ways.  A … Continue reading

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Exploring Bequia

One of the odd aspects of St. Vincent life is the way that pronunciation becomes such a vexing problem, which is not totally surprising when you have an island whose names are mixed between English, French, and Crib antecedents, none … Continue reading

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Exploring St. Vincent: Part Two

When I found out a couple of days ago that there would be a chance to explore the other side of St. Vincent that I hadn’t seen earlier, I was definitely very interested in the opportunity, and as it was … Continue reading

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A Tour Of St. Vincent: Part One

On Sunday, which is a day or two ago as I write this depending on how you count this (I am really behind on my writing, sadly), a group of people, myself included, took a somewhat impromptu journey through the … Continue reading

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Heroes And Villians: A Columbus Day Tale

Yesterday, while I was walking through the Botanical Gardens in Kingstown, the capital of the small island nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, someone gave thanks to Captain Bligh in rhyme for giving breadfruit to the island and thus … Continue reading

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First Impressions Of St. Vincent

Some islands make a stronger impression than others.  At about 10AM or so I arrived with my folks in St. Vincent.  The flight came into the airport on the coast and one could see that the island had plenty of … Continue reading

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