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Book Review: Poets Of World War II

Poets Of World War II, edited by Harvey Shapiro I was very disappointed by this read.  I am certainly no stranger to reading about World War II, nor to reading books of poetry [1].  Yet there is a great disconnect … Continue reading

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Book Review: Another World Instead

Another World Instead: The Early Poems of William Stafford 1937-1947, edited with an introduction by Fred Marchant As someone who is very fond of the poetry of William Stafford [1], this book provides a worthy volume among the many that … Continue reading

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The Wind Rustles Through The Trees

I suppose that as of late I have become quite the morning poet [1], in the manner of William Stafford [2], who famously would get up early in the morning to write while he was not being bothered by anything … Continue reading

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Book Review: Writing The Australian Crawl

Writing The Australian Crawl: Views On The Writer’s Vocation, by William Stafford “Quiet in the earth a drop of water came, and the little seed spoke: “Sequoia is my name.” from B.C., by William Stafford (p. 25) This particular book … Continue reading

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Book Review: Crossing Unmarked Snow

Crossing Unmarked Snow: Further Views On The Writer’s Vocation, by William Stafford, edited by Paul Merchant & Vincent Wixon The last two stanzas of the poem “Tuned In Late One Night” that open this book demonstrate both the approach of … Continue reading

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While The World Sleeps Under Lead-Gray Skies

Today I began an earlier shift that requires me to be awake before 5AM. As most anyone who knows me knows, I am someone who is quite naturally a bit of an insomniac, who finds it fear easier to stay … Continue reading

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Every War Has Two Losers

A few weeks ago, my curiosity in poetry led me to go to an area library for a poetry reading about the poems of William Stafford, who was Oregon’s fourth poet laureate, from the outgoing sixth poet laureate of Oregon, … Continue reading

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The Darkness Around Us Is Deep

At the end of William Stafford’s poem, “A Ritual To Read To Each Other,” the poet writes: “For it is important that awake people be awake, or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep; the signals we give–yes … Continue reading

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Book Review: Strangers At My Door

Strangers At My Door: A True Story of Finding Jesus In Unexpected Guests, by Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove [Note: This book was provided free of charge by Multnomah WaterBrook Publishers in exchange for an honest review.] While I have never read any … Continue reading

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The Golden Thread

One of the more fascinating elements of the discussion tonight [1] about the poetry and other writings of William Stafford was the discussion of the golden thread that ties together our thoughts and memories and ideas. Although I do not … Continue reading

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