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Book Review: The Deleted E-Mails Of Hillary Clinton: A Parody

The Deleted E-Mails Of Hillary Clinton: A Parody, by John Moe [Note: This book was provided free of charge by Blogging For Books/Three Rivers Press in exchange for an honest review.] If you have a cynical sense of humor about … Continue reading

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Loose Lips Sink Ships

During the Battle of the Atlantic in World War II, the US Government was afraid for the safety of both its merchant marine and its navy from the threat of German U-boats. This fear was manifest in many ways, whether … Continue reading

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Who Says You Can’t Go Home?

Some tragedies attract a great deal of press and other tragedies appear to be lost in obscurity, for reasons known only to those people who have the choice to talk about something and choose to remain silent and hope it … Continue reading

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A Non-Book Review: #Thaistory

#Thaistory, by Andrew MacGregor Marshall For the second time recently I feel compelled to write a “non-book review” in lieu of my preferred fashion of reviewing the books I read in great detail. The first time [1], I did so … Continue reading

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I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watching Me

I am personally of the belief that no government would want to waste their time following me around and examining the patterns of a fairly mundane life. That said, if I ever became a person of interest to any government, … Continue reading

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You Still Haven’t Found What You’re Looking For

I like to comment on how and why people find this blog from time to time, and I thought it worthwhile to provide an update on what people are looking for when they stumble upon this blog.  As usual, I … Continue reading

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Mixed Nuts: A Musing on Uprising In Libya

Joining the ranks of previous and ongoing uprisings in Tunisia [1], Egypt [2], Bahrain, Yemen, and Jordan [3] comes news of a very serious uprising in Libya. I must admit that it is not surprising that with the successful overthrow … Continue reading

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Things Fall Apart: A Grim Musing On Egypt

Updated 02/11/2011:  Mubarak Resigns Right now, before our eyes, we are watching a dictatorship fall apart.  For the second time in in a few weeks, a dictator past his prime looks to be approaching his “sell by” date.  The dictatorship … Continue reading

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Tunisia And The Wikileaks Revolution

Today the former president of Tunisia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, resigned from power after twenty three years of (despotic) rule after weeks of protests against the lack of democracy withstood the pressures of the repressive powers of the police[1].  … Continue reading

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Edge Induced Cohesion Top 10 Posts of 2010

As Gregorian year 2010 ends, I thought it fitting to provide a retrospective of the top 10 posts of the last year, with some comments on what I was attempting to do in my particular post and why I believe … Continue reading

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