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Book Review: The Downing Street Years

The Downing Street Years, by Margaret Thatcher A great many political memoirs are full of obfuscation and self-deception and a distinct lack of detail as the author tries to paint themselves as some sort of transformational leader who is somehow … Continue reading

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Book Review: Statecraft

Statecraft:  Strategies For A Changing World, by Margaret Thatcher You can do a lot worse, and not much if at all better, when it comes to reading about geopolitics, than to take a look at what Margaret Thatcher had to … Continue reading

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Book Review: The Path To Power

The Path To Power, by Margaret Thatcher This is quite an interesting book, I must admit, and it is a very long one.  At more than 600 pages this volume is not one that can be taken lightly, but there … Continue reading

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What Would Margaret Thatcher Do?

From time to time I ponder the importance in our times to thinking of what someone in the past would do [1], and as it happened that in the aftermath of a massive victory by Britain’s conservatives in what was … Continue reading

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