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Book Review: Rotten Movies We Love

Rotten Movies We Love: Cult Classics, Underrated Gems, And And Films So Bad They’re Good, by the editors of Rotten Tomatoes We must get something straight at the beginning. I am not included, for the most part, in the “we” … Continue reading

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A Reflection On South Sudan, Ten Years After Independence

It is hard to remember that only ten years ago a near unanimous vote of the people of South Sudan voted to separate from that country in light of the nearly continuous fighting among itself that South Sudan has seen. … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts On The Logistics Of The Liturgy Of The Church Of God

One of the underrated aspects of liturgy, a subject I am interested in but am also quite aware that others are not as interested in, at least deliberately and consciously, is the matter of logistics and planning. It is perhaps … Continue reading

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Giving The Creator His Due

It has always puzzled me that many people who identify as historians have a deeply inconsistent standard when it comes to their understanding of ancient and classical history. While I recently commented on my thoughts about the deliberate exclusion of … Continue reading

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Some Notes On The Concept Of Civil War In The Bible

This evening at dinner I read the first half of a sizable book on the subject of civil wars that pointedly ignores the historiography of civil wars as a concept in the Bible while discussing it from Greco-Roman, Arabic, and … Continue reading

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On The Ubiquity Of Astroturf

If one is familiar with organized sports, there is in general a strong difference between outdoor and indoor stadiums, and between the sorts of surfaces that teams play on as well as the effect of those surfaces on sports. (In … Continue reading

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On The Mystery Of Tai Verdes

There are wikipedia entries for a lot of people, events, and things, but there is at present no wikipedia entry for a performer known as Tai Verdes. This seems somewhat strange, because this absence clashes with the evident desire of … Continue reading

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Save Your Rage For Another Day

I belong to a community of chart nerds that regularly comments and predicts upon the weekly Billboard Hot 100. I am aware that this is an interest that is not shared by many people, and so the minutae of how … Continue reading

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On Injecting Your Personality Into Being A Songleader

Although it is an unusual interest as far as religious matters go, I have a personal interest in liturgy and how important people consider it to be. This subject has come up from time to time, and today I would … Continue reading

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Are You Ready For My High Civilization?

Does it make one a hipster to be a champion of the late-era Bee Gees? If we divide the Bee Gees’ career as a band into three acts, then their first act would be the period from when the three … Continue reading

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