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The Five-Point Biblical Covenant Model

[Note: I must give some credit to the Remonstrants of the Synod of Dort for the five points discussed in this sermon, and also to Ray Sutton, whose book That You May Propser examines the five points of ethics, oaths, … Continue reading

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Making Babies Cry

I’m not sure where or how I acquired the ability to make babies and small children cry, but it is something that I have had the cause to notice quite a bit. Now, I have commented in passing about this … Continue reading

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Psalm 45: My Tongue Is The Pen Of A Ready Writer

It is somewhat ironic, perhaps, that while the tongue of one particular son of Korah was a ready writer in writing Psalm 45 as a royal wedding psalm (with clear Messianic implications), my own tongue was not a ready writer … Continue reading

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It’s The Late 1850’s, And Chief Justice Roberts Has Declined The Role Of Chief Justice Taney

One of the best ways to understand the present is having a firm understanding of historical patterns so that one is aware of the sort of time period one is in. By recognizing the same social and political patterns, one … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ideas Of The Great Philosophers

Ideas Of The Great Philosophers, by William S. Sahakian & Mabel Lewis Sahakian This is a slim but very technical volume about the basic branches of philosophy. Some explanation of its contents ought to determine if this volume is of … Continue reading

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Don’t Cross That Line

For perhaps understandable reasons, I am someone who is well-practiced at drawing lines in the sand and vigilantly and ferociously defending my boundaries against intruders. It is an easy thing for us to be so focused on defending ourselves, our … Continue reading

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Five Basic Principles Of Biblical Interpretation

Occasionally I like to talk in a very scholarly and advanced way about hermeneutics and biblical interpretation, and though that suits my own personality and education and interests, it may often seem as if such discussions are not relevant to … Continue reading

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Book Review: Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World

Twelve Diseases That Changed Our World, by Irwin W. Sherman I happened to see this book in the collection of a fellow Legacy Teacher named Hanna, who is teaching Health & Hygiene and using this book. So, I asked her … Continue reading

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A Delicate Dance

Part of what makes life so beautiful and so dramatic at the same time is the sort of delicate dances we must dance. We are paradoxical creatures in many ways. One of those ways is the fact that we are … Continue reading

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Leviticus 25:35-38: The Interest-Free Economy

One of the frequent readers of this blog, who writes his own blog from a conservative Muslim tradition, and who appears to share an interest in my favorite Muslim historian, Ibn Khaldun, responsible for first discussing concept of asabiya that … Continue reading

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