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The CBI For What It’s Worth

[Note:  South Florida ended up winning the 2019 CBI.  Article updated below.] Starting in 2008, the College Basketball Invitational (hereafter CBI) became the third of what are now four postseason college basketball tournaments for division I teams.  Without a doubt, … Continue reading

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Profile Of A Bubble Team: Southern Cal (2018)

Update:  So yeah, USC is in the NIT, preparing to blast (we hope) UNC Asheville. A few years ago I wrote about one of my alma maters (the University of South Florida) as a bubble team in a particularly contentious … Continue reading

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Filling My Bracket

For those who are aware of my interest in sports, it ought to be of little surprise that I am particularly fond of bracketology [1], the study of how to fill brackets, most commonly (but not exclusively) related to NCAA … Continue reading

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Profile Of A Bubble Team: The University Of South Florida

Update: USF got in as a 12 seed in the “first four game” against Cal. I suppose I’m not a terrible bracketologist after all. Update #2: USF shows that they belong in the NCAA tournament by battering Cal into submission … Continue reading

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March Sadness

March is the time of year when the inner gambler inside many of us rears its ugly head, causing us to enter bracket pools and eagerly pour over the results of obscure conference results to see which of the mid-majors … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Brackets

The biggest problems with brackets is that they have to be filled. Once you decide on a set number of people or groups or teams that are going to enter into a particular tournament, one has the task of filling … Continue reading

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New Blog: College Football Bracketology

Because I did not want to bog down this blog entry with a lot of college football commentary outside of my philosophical or moral interests, and because I enjoy the idea of a counterfactual history of a parallel universe where … Continue reading

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On Brackets And Requirements: The Difference Between Relative and Absolute Standards

[Note: A lot of people have mistakenly found themselves on this blog looking for the difference between standard and international measurements, which is not the subject of this blog. I have, however, written about that very subject here, if you … Continue reading

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